Thursday, November 29, 2007

Just what is A Great Escapist Book?

By Pat Cromwell

I have always been an avid reader. Through the years my taste has changed dramatically in regards to what I read and definitely what I write. One of the first books I read that has remained vivid in my mind was Forever by Judy Blume. I progressed from there and became enamored with more risqué writers like Erica Jong. Fear of Flying still occupies a hot spot on my bookcase and when I think of the infamous airport scene I still blush! I sort of idolized my favorite writers the way some people idolized their favorite actor or actress.

When I was younger I had aspiration of penning the Great American Novel or at the least something on the level of the great F. Scott Fitzgerald. But duty called and I put my pad and pencil away and concentrated on motherhood instead. However, I always managed to find a quiet corner and read a book. Like a good soap opera or a thriller movie, reading was the avenue I took to escape the monotony of changing diapers and car pooling kids to football games and judo lessons.

I remember with great clarity when I rediscovered the urge to write again and my first story was born after years of stilling the urge and never having time to do so. Bearing in mind my love for stories full of romance with the right amount of conflict, I gave up the notion of writing the elusive Great American Novel and becoming the next Ernest Hemmingway. I wanted to write what I call A Great Escapist Book which is by far IMO much more satisfying. That is what Behind Blue Eyes is about -- escaping from day to day life with just a bit of realism thrown in – not much but just enough. Behind Blue Eyes isn’t the only Great Escapist Book. I share that honor with the ladies here, and with the countless other authors who have taken random thoughts and images from their mind’s eye and shared them with readers who prefer this particular mode of entertainment.

My goal is and always will be to entertain with intriguing dialogue from drop dead gorgeous heroines and larger than life alpha heroes. Today, I think that is much more important than the infamous Great American Novel that is destined to answer the burning questions of “Why are we here?” And “What is the purpose in life?” Give me a book riddled with romance and conflict, plus a hint of the unusual and I have found nirvana! Add to it a healthy dose of Taboo and I am sold. For realism I read the daily newspaper or check out CNN, for a nice escape on a modest budget I turn on my PDA or step up to my bookshelf. Behind Blue Eyes is all about transporting the reader from their here and now, and to immerse themselves in a make believe reality. There are no earth shattering revelations in the book – unless you choose to look deeply enough. It is just an old fashion love story, a romance with all the elements of such. Most importantly, there is that one constituent that we as readers thrive for, and we writers of romance love to give … a resounding and firm happily ever after!

Behind Blue Eyes is available at Amira Press (

I have an excerpt of Behind Blue Eyes posted on my website as well as my book When Dreams Come True which is scheduled for release in January or February of 2008 at Red Rose Publishing. An added attraction on my website is various excerpts of my work in progress and a unique listing of current releases that have an interracial / multicultural themed romance.

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Behind Blue Eyes is my first publish story, but not the last. Like most writers, I have tons of ideas and a lot of voices in my head all begging to be heard.

But that is another story…

Until next week -- happy reading!


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