Sunday, December 2, 2007

Greetings Everyone From Sarah McNeal

Hello everyone. I'm really happy to be here with such extraordinary writers. My thanks to Regina for thinking of this blog and for putting her time and effort into it.

My name is Sarah McNeal. I love to write romances especially fantasy and time travel. My first two novels are part of the Valmora series, fantasy novels about two families: one from the modern world where we live and the other from a magical place called Valmora where the fight between good and evil is a daily struggle. The modern world family, the McKnights, travel across time and space to enter the Medieval world of Valmora to help their friends, the winged Nimway, fight against the evil from the people of the Dark Isle led by the witch, Queen Mahara. Those novels are at New Concepts Publishing. I am presently working on the third in the series, The Light of Valmora.

The Violin is quite a different story. It's an almost true story about Genevieve who buys a violin and is taken back in time to 1927 where she attempts to save the life of John Douglas. She finds it easy to fall into the life this time period gives her and becomes fond of the delightful Douglas family especially the handsome but doomed John Douglas. But maybe it isn't John who needs saving and perhaps there are many mysteries about herself that Genevieve has yet to discover. The Violin will be released by Amira Press this month and I can't wait. This book means more to me than anything I've written so far.

I'm also working on a short story for charity with JL Foster and some other very talented authors. Every story is about a breast cancer survivor and. of course, there is romance. ooh-la-la

After that, I'll be writing the story of Harmonica Joe's Reluctant Bride.

Writing stories brings me joy and peace I can find no where else. It is so exciting when a reader tells me how much they loved reading one of my stories. I will continue to strive to tell a good tale and leave the reader satisfied that, at least in fiction, all ends well.
Thank you for listening to my chatter. I hope to talk with you again next week. Until then, all good things to your corner of the universe.
Sarah McNeal

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