Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is the IR / MC List?

By Pat Cromwell
I belong to several Yahoo and MSN groups for readers and writers. Earlier this week I posted an announcement that I had updated a List that I host on my website. I received several responses (in my personal email and as a thread to my original post) asking what the IR List was. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce or re-introduce what the list is all about, my thought process behind implementing it, and how the reader and the writer can benefit by accessing and taking advantage of this free tool.

In a nutshell the IR List, or more accurately “The IR/MC List” is a collection of books, electronic or print, that have an interracial or multicultural theme. The genre can be of any type, historical, modern, paranormal, etc. It can be M/F, M/M, M/M/F, etc. The only criterion for a book to make the list is that it is an IR or MC.

I update the list weekly, usually on Saturday mornings. I indicate name of book, the author’s name, and a link to the publisher of the book or where the book can be downloaded.

There are two parts to the list.

The first section lists all the new releases for the week. The second section is the Special Request list. This group of books is populated by contributors who would like to see a particular book that was previously released appear on the list. I receive the information for this section through email, post on various Yahoo or MSN groups, individuals who leave information via my website’s guestbook, etc.

With that said my thought process for hosting the list is two fold. First, as a writer of IR romance, this was a way for me to show my support to my fellow writers of IR/MC romance. Second, way before I had my first book published, I spent a lot of my spare time just reading; my favorite type of book was and still is IR and MC books. Oftentimes the IR/MC Junkies - a term I coined for readers such as myself - spend an enormous amount of time just trying to locate these types of books.

Using eBooks as an example, I would rely on the cover image or name recognition of the author because many publishers do not put these books in the category for IR / MC. That really does make perfectly good since. Why limit your audience? I certainly don’t want to limit who reads my books. The goal is to make it easy for the IR / MC Junkie to be aware of those hidden treasures that are put in more specific categories.

What better way to do so then to list them all – regardless of who the author or publisher is – and provide a link to a site where more information can be obtained. The list is maintained by me free of charge to the reader, author, and publisher. So always feel free to contact me with a book that you would like to see listed. Stop by my website and take a look at the list. You just might find something there that you missed.

Happy Reading!

Pat Cromwell
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