Friday, June 20, 2008

Ebooks and print books

I have been experimenting with ebooks for the past year or two, because there are books that I have on computer that would probably not have been published. I love writing and write far more stuff than any one publisher would want to put out. So far I have had a best seller in A Shameful Secret/ Anne Ireland/Amira Press. Of course the sales are not anywhere near what you expect from a mainstream papberback or hardback, but it was a book I loved and I am happy for it to be out there. I think on the whole that is the way to look at ebooks for the moment. Enjoy them being out there. However, I am convinced that evetually ebook will overtake print if only to save the trees!

My book Too Hot To Handle, a sensual contemporary as Linda Sole and out with Eternal Press is a book I would never have produced just as it is had it not been for ebooks. I find it such fun to promote. fingers crossed it will do well!

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