Thursday, January 31, 2008


Apologies for not blogging on Tuesday, and further apologies to Pat for hijacking the blog on her day, but I'm about ready to pop!

Big, exciting news about Leading Her to Heaven this week (this is the book, by the way, that our very own Regina reviewed for CTR).

1. You can now buy the book in PRINT through Barnes & Noble. It should be up on next week.

2. Prefer e-books? Me too. You can now buy it on FictionWise. Grab it now, while it's 15% off! Already bought it? Well, thank you! It's currently ranked in the Top Ten for Historical Fiction novels, right below Phillipa Gregory and Ken Follett. Needless to say, I'm a little excited about that.

Author Day at Shades of Love

By Pat Cromwell
I am having an author day at Marie Rochelle's Shades of Love yahoo group on Saturday, February 2, 2008. It’s scheduled to run all day so stop by and say hello. I will be posting excerpts from my current release Behind Blue Eyes and my upcoming scheduled releases When Dreams Come True and Flying. Also, I’ll have additional tidbits and snippets from my works in progress and several contest and great prizes. Marie’s group is:

See you Saturday and as always Happy Reading!

Pat Cromwell

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nikki Watson has a new release!....

If you love a little dark fantasy with your romance, then you ought to check out Nikki Watson's Newest release Of Elves and Men: Changeling from New Concepts Publishing, which looks to be a fantastic read!

Here's the blurb:

In Dominion, descendants of elves and magicians walked among the human inhabitants, unknown to them, but controlling them, contemptuous of those weaker than them. But Mark, head of the council, had ambitions beyond the magic he held, the determination to bring back the 'old ones' to gather their powers to himself.

Shane, once second on the council, had no intention of allowing that to happen.

Ivy hadn't expected, or intended, to join forces with Shane, a
changeling-not when she'd vowed to slay all of his kind that she could.

Get your copy today!

Updated my website...

Well I finally took the time to update my website. I've been meaning to add a section for my works in progress so everyone could see what I'm working on and I finally got this done over the weekend. Quite an accomplishment when you consider I have a lot of irons in different fires. I still have to add the new free desktop wallpaper I created but other than that there is some great new stuff added, including a new contest!

Here's a peek at my new desktop wallpaper, the piece is called "Communion." I should have it up on my website later today.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Paperback Writer

I've never held a book I've written in my hands before. As much as I felt accomplishment and pride with my ebooks when they were published, there was something special about seeing The Violin with its beautiful cover resting in my hands. It felt--- soul-satisfying. Not to get all sappy over it but it was a momentous occasion for me and I just wanted to share that with you.
I'm having a contest celebrating the release of The Violin over at my website. I'm giving away a wonderful basket of delicious goodies and a violin pin in its own case. Check out the picture on my website. It is so cute. In the meantime, here's a little excerpt from the book.
by Sarah J. McNeal from Amira Press
Unedited Excerpt

When he arrived at the small porch at the front door of the Douglas home, he called out. “Jimbo, come and open the door.”

Jimmy came running from around the side of the house with Guess padding along behind him. What happened to Evie?” he asked breathlessly. “Did she pass out again?”

Jimmy ran to the door and opened it. His dog followed him, both of them darting around John almost knocking him and Genevieve off the porch before John could enter the house with his arms full of Genevieve along with her packages, shoes, shawl and hat.

Matilda came running into the parlor from the kitchen. Her hand flew up to her mouth as she exclaimed, “My goodness is she alright?” Then she smoothed her apron and seemed to get hold of her emotions when she took a closer look at Genevieve's face. Genevieve was certain her appearance was a sight, her face stained with tears, her disheveled and her belongings in her lap.

“Sit her down on the couch, John,” Matilda directed. She hastened to Genevieve’s side as John carefully sat her on the couch. “What happened?” Her hands busily moved setting Genevieve's belongings aside and brushing Genevieve's hair out of her face.

John choked down a chuckle and said, “She tried to stuff her grown up feet into some little girl shoes.”

Jimmy laughed and said, “Why that’s just stupid.”
Genevieve was so mortified she couldn’t speak.

“Mind your manners, Jimmy,” Matilda scolded. “And you, too, John. The two of you aren’t so big I can’t take a switch to you.”

“Yes Ma’am,” they replied simultaneously.

Genevieve had to let out a giggle at that. A half grown boy and a fully-grown man were no match for a mother like Matilda. She was a self-possessed, determined and loving woman who would face an angry mountain cat to save her child and give her child a sound thrashing if he misbehaved. Genevieve respected and loved her already.

“Fetch the foot tub from the back porch, Jimmy,” Matilda commanded taking control of the situation. “John, get two buckets of water from the pump.”

As soon as the two males left the room, Matilda kneeled on the floor beside Genevieve and gently took her feet one at a time in her caring hands. She shook her head and clucked with her tongue. “My, my, this must truly hurt.”

Genevieve nodded her head. Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to hold back a flood of tears. Unable to find mastery over her feelings and her pride weakened by such caring attention, Genevieve found her tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

It wasn’t just about the pain of her blistered feet that made her weep. Genevieve was touched by the way this family so kindly received her and the gentle attention they bestowed upon her. She could handle pain, abandonment and neglect, but not this.

John was real.

Genevieve’s heart filled with a peculiar kind of joy. It was the joy that comes from feeling safe and secure. She had never felt that way her whole life. She looked down at the graying auburn hair of John’s mother and love flowed through her like warm liquid. She never wanted to leave any of them again. She wanted to stay in this world, in this time forever.

Then, like a dark cloud deflecting the sun, she remembered. John was going to die and the family she felt so safe with now was going to fall into chaos.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Contests and WIP's on my website...

Well, I think that Pat and Kayleigh said what I would want to say regarding Heath Ledger's death, so I will leave it at that. May he rest in peace. He was loved and he will be remembered.

On a brighter note, I've added a new contest to my website. If you missed out on getting your copy of Destiny's Holiday the holiday sequel to Destiny's Choices, be sure and check out my website for how to win a copy.

I've also added a Works in Progess or the more popularly known WIP section to my website. It's not complete as I still have to add a couple of books but you can go there and get an idea of what I'm working on now and what my hopes are for 2008 when it comes to publishing.

You can check out my website here.

Heath Ledger and a Pain Resurrected

By Pat Cromwell

Earlier this week we lost a great actor, Heath Ledger. Message boards are overflowing with comments about his death. For the most part, the people leaving comments are expressing their heartfelt sympathy which is admirable and in my opinion, very American.

Unfortunately, there is that small minority of individuals who take situations such as this to exploit their own personal agendas. I’m speaking of the Westboro Baptist Church, an organization that, in my circle of friends, is considered the most backward, ignorant group of non believers ever. They are like a cold sore that pops up the morning of an important meeting.

They’re like an acute pain in my side that refuses to just go away. You know the type of pain that lays dormant and at the worse possible time reminds us that it is there and emits an ache so deep that a strong dose of Morphine can’t get rid of it. Regrettably, this throne in our side is a catalyst for yet another round of Anti-American post written by people around the world. Already, I’ve read several comments about how disrespectful the Americans are and many of the post that I have read reference the Westboro Baptist Church’s planned attack to protest Heath Ledger’s funeral.

I want to go to the tallest building in the world and scream “All Americans are not this ignorant and heartless!” I would also say to them that while I firmly believe that everyone has a right to their opinions and a right to protest (that includes Westboro), that I take issue to lack of judgment and the respect of others when practicing the right of freedom of speech and assembly. That is why this group is such a pain. Not only do I disagree vehemently with their philosophy and biblical interpretations regarding homosexuality, but their methods are despicable. The Westboro Baptist Church total disregard for the bereaved is not what this country is about. I’m not just speaking of their intent to “picket” the actor’s funeral, but every single funeral that they have intruded on and the anguish that they inflicted on the families and friends of our fallen soldiers is beyond reprehensible.

In my opinion, that makes them no better than a terrorist. The fact that they perform this inhuman action in the name of God is a slap in the face. I don’t know what bible they are reading, but it definitely is not the same as mine. As far as the people leaving comments about Americans as a whole, hey you guys, Westboro is not, and never will be a representative of the mentality of Americans. I’d go so far as to say that the majority of Americans view them as I do: a nasty little sore that festers and refuses to go away.

Pat Cromwell

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No title today, folks, and few words.

I was set to bitch and moan about writer's block and various and sundry other things.

Then I learned that actor Heath Ledger, 28, was found dead in his apartment today, this on the heels of last week's news of Brad Renfro's passing. I've been a fan of Ledger's since A Knight's Tale and The Patriot. I'm reminded of how I felt when River Phoenix died.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Winter has come, even here in the South. There is a raw wind blowing, snow falling and ice on the streets. No worries. Just relax by the warm fire, open the pages of THE VIOLIN and let me take you back in time to the warm spring of 1927. I want to tell you about an improbable love that will warm your heart and make you believe that anything is possible. Read a blurb and an excerpt at my website, and, while you're there, enter my contest. There are only 3 easy questions to answer from the excerpt. Email your answers to me with VIOLIN CONTEST as the subject either from my website or by my email address . I'd love to hear from you. The prize is a basket of wonderful goodies and a tiny violin pin in its own little case. There's a picture of it on my website. In the meantime, stay safe and warm. All good things to your corner of the universe. Sarah McNeal

Friday, January 18, 2008

A New Award

This week I learned that I had been given the Reviewers' Choice Award from Cataromance for my book Forbidden Lady/Anne Herries/Harlequin Mills & Boon. This is a historical story and the first of a trilogy. The first book came out in USA last April and was given a good review by Cataromance. The trilogy will come out later this year in the UK.

I have two Regency books coming out earlier in the year and then the early Tudor series.
On Friday 25th Jan. Nineteen friends from various publishers and I will be posting at ebooklove . There will be lots of prizes, contests, excerpts and chat. Please come and join us if you wish.
Cassie's Sheikh came out last week in ebook format. I have just learned that A Shameful Secret/Anne Ireland/Amira Press will be out this month and in March it will go into paperback.
My last piece of news today is that I have a new website. Please visit and let me know what you think through the contact button.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is the IR / MC List?

By Pat Cromwell
I belong to several Yahoo and MSN groups for readers and writers. Earlier this week I posted an announcement that I had updated a List that I host on my website. I received several responses (in my personal email and as a thread to my original post) asking what the IR List was. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce or re-introduce what the list is all about, my thought process behind implementing it, and how the reader and the writer can benefit by accessing and taking advantage of this free tool.

In a nutshell the IR List, or more accurately “The IR/MC List” is a collection of books, electronic or print, that have an interracial or multicultural theme. The genre can be of any type, historical, modern, paranormal, etc. It can be M/F, M/M, M/M/F, etc. The only criterion for a book to make the list is that it is an IR or MC.

I update the list weekly, usually on Saturday mornings. I indicate name of book, the author’s name, and a link to the publisher of the book or where the book can be downloaded.

There are two parts to the list.

The first section lists all the new releases for the week. The second section is the Special Request list. This group of books is populated by contributors who would like to see a particular book that was previously released appear on the list. I receive the information for this section through email, post on various Yahoo or MSN groups, individuals who leave information via my website’s guestbook, etc.

With that said my thought process for hosting the list is two fold. First, as a writer of IR romance, this was a way for me to show my support to my fellow writers of IR/MC romance. Second, way before I had my first book published, I spent a lot of my spare time just reading; my favorite type of book was and still is IR and MC books. Oftentimes the IR/MC Junkies - a term I coined for readers such as myself - spend an enormous amount of time just trying to locate these types of books.

Using eBooks as an example, I would rely on the cover image or name recognition of the author because many publishers do not put these books in the category for IR / MC. That really does make perfectly good since. Why limit your audience? I certainly don’t want to limit who reads my books. The goal is to make it easy for the IR / MC Junkie to be aware of those hidden treasures that are put in more specific categories.

What better way to do so then to list them all – regardless of who the author or publisher is – and provide a link to a site where more information can be obtained. The list is maintained by me free of charge to the reader, author, and publisher. So always feel free to contact me with a book that you would like to see listed. Stop by my website and take a look at the list. You just might find something there that you missed.

Happy Reading!

Pat Cromwell
Behind Blue Eyes available at Amira Press (
When Dreams Come True coming soon to Red Rose Publishing
Email me at:

RWA Online Chat-Inspirational and YA Genres!

Join us this Friday night between 9pm EST and 10 pm EST for our first Genre chat of 2008! We'll be chatting with Lyn Cote and Linda Ford, so don't miss out!
We'll see you there!
  • Link to RWA Online Chat Room!

  • ~Marly

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008

    Oh My Gravy!

    The Rites Awards results are in, and I received Honorable Mention in both categories, Best Historical Author and Best Historical Romance Novel for Leading Her to Heaven. Honorable Mention means I came in second to Emma Wildes, who happens to be one of my favorite authors, so color me tickled pink!

    To add to the great news, I found out today that Leading Her to Heaven has been nominated for a Sensual Award over at eCata Sensual Romance. Do go cast your vote.

    Some artwork....

    Most people that know me know that in addition to being a writer I have a number of little side lines that I like to play around with when I have the time. One of those little sidelines is creating art in Poser. Every month I add a new piece of artwork to my website that readers can use for a desktop background. It's relaxing for me to use another part of my brain to create artwork instead of creating stories. Well....theoretically I'm using the same side of the brain since being creative is right brain usage, but you know what I mean. Anyway, today I thought I'd post one of my pictures. Feel free to right click it and save it to your computer. Oh, and when even though it looks like the picture gets cut off when you right click and save it to your computer, it will all be there. For some reason Blogger shrinks it. Enjoy! :-)

    Good Morning, Readers!

    Have you missed me? I've missed you!

    Last week I was making the long, laborious drive back to Florida after a wonderful three week break.

    This week, I'm sitting in my first class of the new semester. Wish me luck! Today and Thursday are my long days, where I'm in class from 10am until 7pm, so my blogging will show up at different times, but you can make it a guessing game. It'll be fun.

    So allow me to catch you up on things.

    I was thrilled to learn that I have been nominated for Best Historical Author in the 2007 Rites Awards. And to make things every sweeter, Leading Her to Heaven is also nominated for Best Historical Novel.

    The nominees are chosen by the reviewers, but the winners are chosen by you, my darlings. If you have a moment, stop by their Yahoo! Group and cast your vote.
    Have you forgotten that Leading Her to Heaven is available now in ebook through ARe? Well, not everyone has, apparently, since it was the #1 selling title for Tease Publishing in December. Don't cry in your soup, though, you can still go get your copy.

    Waiting for the print version? No worries, you can have it in your hot little hands starting February 15th.

    Stella showed me the wrap cover for Leading Her to Heaven's print version.

    How made of awesome is that?

    The publisher and I chatted, and they gave me the option of releasing the print of Leading Her to Heaven next month, and Svetkavista in March. Typically, Tease sends books to print three months after their electronic release, but Leading is doing so well that they gave me the option of sending it a month early. I decided to go for it. So, adjust your calendars, Leading is now coming out February 15, and Svetkavista March 15.

    Happy New Year,

    Sunday, January 13, 2008

    THE VIOLIN has been released!

    THE VIOLIN has been released by Amira Press and is available right now. You can go to my website under "books" to buy it or go to Amira Press. It's available in print and ebook. I'll be announcing my contest next week which will run until Valentine's Day. Besides a big basket of scrumptuous goodies, there will be a little exact replica of a violin that is a pin that comes in its own little violin case. It is so cute and it will be in the big basket, too. The contest will be posted very soon so I hope you'll go to my website and check it out. Just email me the answers to the three questions and that's it. I'll have my 6 year old niece, Madeline, pick the winner.
    All good things,
    Sarah McNeal

    Saturday, January 12, 2008

    Cover Art for The Witch and the Wolf!!!!

    Since Saturday is now an open blogging day here at the Moonlight Romance Authors blog, I thought I'd drop by and share the cover for my paranormal historical, The Witch and the Wolf! Enjoy!
    In my personal opinion, the cover art for The Witch and the Wolf is delightfully delicious! I'd love to hear what you all think of it!
    The amazing cover artist is Alex DeShanks!
    The Witch and the Wolf is a paranormal historical coming soon from New Concepts Publishing. The hero is a spy for England during the Napoleonic Wars--and the heroine is a witch with some espionage in her life as well!

    Have a magical weekend everyone!

    Friday, January 11, 2008

    This is an excerpt from my new book with Red Rose Publishing. Cassie's Sheikh is a romantic adventure, sensual but not erotic.

    Cassie has to hold the fort when her father goes to hospital - but an important new client is coming to visit the stables. What Cassie doen't know is that he despises the kind of magazine she writes for!

    Enjoy this taster from the book.

    "If she's the bitch I imagine she must be, there is no way I shall let my uncle place his horses at her father's stable," Kasim said. "It would be the worst thing he could do."
    "But you don't know that," Ben Harrison, his friend, constant companion, and lawyer told him. "She may be a perfectly pleasant woman for all you know."
    "A woman who writes for one of those filthy rags?" Kasim's eyes flashed with scorn. His face had the proud, regal lines of his ancestors, the bones angled beneath his olive-toned skin, but his eyes told another story. They were a deep brilliant blue, testimony to his mixed parentage, for he was the son of a desert Sheikh and the beautiful blonde and blue-eyed daughter of an American millionaire.
    "Maybe she just does it for a living."
    The angles of Kasim's face hardened. "Don't try to make excuses for her, Ben. I've had experience with her kind, remember?"
    "Yes, of course I remember," Ben replied. "But you shouldn't jump to conclusions. You were all set for this deal until you found out that Josh's daughter worked for that magazine."
    "My uncle thinks it is the best place available," Kasim said. "So I shall keep an open mind, but I want to see what they're like on a normal working day, not when everything is cleaned up for inspection."
    "Shall I come with you?"
    "Not today." Kasim's face relaxed into an affectionate smile, the angles softened as he looked at the man he trusted more than any other. "If I decide to go any further, we'll keep our appointment tomorrow—but today will be my little surprise."

    Wednesday, January 9, 2008

    My Lady Knight of Avalon!

    Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Today I'm going to blog about my contracted fantasy romance, My Lady Knight of Avalon. It's coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. If you enjoy time travels with a fantasy paranormal theme, then My Lady Knight of Avalon might strike your fancy! Thanks for reading my post!
    She was King Arthur's daughter. Once known as Princess Mary Pendragon, fifteen hundred year old immortal warrior witch, Molly Pendleton is on a quest to stop time from unraveling into a dark and terrible future. With Merlin's help she will time travel back to the golden age of Camelot and come face to face with someone from her future.

    He was the grandchild of her best friend. Collin Remington never dreamt that magic flowed through his veins or that he would become a knight of King Arthur's court.

    With evil quickly taking the upper hand in King Arthur's realm, Molly and Collin must fight against time itself. Will their love be enough to save the future?

    Monday, January 7, 2008

    Happy New Year!

    Well I can say with confidence I am now over my holiday blues that I seem to always get the first few days after Christmas and that sometimes lasts until after New Years Day. I am finally excited about the new year and have several goals that I hope to complete. My biggest thing is that I sometimes have so much I want to accomplish that I end of feeling overwhelmed and sometimes don't accomplish as much because of this. However, this year my main resolution is to do my best at living in the moment. I know I'm not the only one who gets so caught up in what is happening two days or a week from now that I don't get accomplished in this moment what I'd like to. I hope to change that this year, it's not easy since as a society we tend to look more to the future and what we'd like for that than for the now, but I'm going to seriously work on it.

    I've made some great head way on Doomed to Be Charmed over the holidays, and hope to have that book completed by the end of January, the beginning of February but since I'm working on that whole living in the moment thing I'm not going to worry about it if it's a bit later. LOL

    I also plan to complete The Keepers of Eternity, a time-travel Native American romance that I've been working on for a year or so, and the first novella in The Children of Khartar: Leilani's Flight. Finally, I've started another sequel to Destiny's Choices that takes place a year after Tiana and James get back together, ideally this will also be completed within the year. With luck and a little more living in the moment I'll accomplish these goals.

    Do you have any special goals for 2008? Feel free to share them with us by commenting on this post. :-)

    Sunday, January 6, 2008

    Now The Winter Quiet

    After the hoopla and excitement of the holidays has settled into the wintry quiet, many of us settle back with our cocoa--diet of course--and contemplate the mysteries of the year before us. Into the unknown we go.
    For my part in the very near future is the release of my book,
    THE VIOLIN which I hope will be this week. It isn't just another book for me. It's a book I wrote with heart and soul. It's a story of a man who died just as he stood on the threshold of his life. And it's about the love of a timid woman burdened with excess baggage who goes back in time to save him in spite of all the odds. THE VIOLIN is played out against the backdrop of the 1920s--an exciting time of change in American history and the spirit of its people.
    As I wrote about John and Genevieve, I came to love them dearly as I hope you will, too.
    So that's what's taking place in the near future for me. The rest of the year remains a mystery.
    What about you? What's in coming year for you? You're welcome to go to the blog on my website at and leave a comment about your own hopes, dreams and dreads for the coming year.
    All good things to you in the coming year. Sarah McNeal

    Friday, January 4, 2008

    A Kind Of Loving

    This is an excerpt from an ebook coming soon with Red Rose Publishing. I cannot show the cover yet because it is being redone. I'll put a picture of a Severn House book instead (cover art is the property of the publisher). The book is a modern story about a woman who has begun a new business but then finds that her marriage is falling apart.


    It had been warmer than this earlier in the year but there was a definite bite in the air that morning and it was already the second week of May. Perhaps the cool weather was the reason she was feeling a bit out of sorts with herself, because she was down and there was no real reason for it. She ought to be feeling on top of the world, Verity thought as she parked her car in the yard at the back of the shop.
    The gravel crunched beneath her feet as she took a large bunch of fragrant lilies and roses and her cumbersome shoulder bag from the boot, before going through the narrow alley from the yard into the main street. This past year had seen the realisation of one of her dreams, something that gave her great personal satisfaction. But there was a problem, a dark shadow that hovered at her shoulder.
    It was in her mind as she unlocked the door of her small shop, lingering like a bad smell as she keyed in the number to cancel the alarm and walked through to the back room, which she used as her office. She removed her warm red jacket and fluffed out her chestnut brown hair in front of the mirror; her eyes were that greenish brown that some call hazel. Underneath her jacket she was wearing a slim-fitting black dress. There was only just over another two months to her fortieth birthday but she didn't look too bad. She'd kept her figure well after Jane's birth and there hadn't been any more children. She'd been sorry about that, and for a while she'd hoped that she would have another baby, but somehow it hadn't happened; though there was no medical reason why it shouldn't.
    Was that what had gone wrong between her and Michael? Had they grown apart instead of bonding into a family unit? Would it have been different if they'd had a son? She knew that Jane was very much her daughter and thought that perhaps Michael sometimes felt a bit left out.
    She puzzled over it as she arranged her flowers in two old and rather beautiful cut-glass vases. One she stood in the little room that was fairly private but which, through a window, gave her a view of the shop interior, and the other she carried out to replace some dead roses standing on the desk that took centre stage of her window display. She stood for a moment to admire them, pleased that she'd taken time to stop and buy the flowers on her way in. Perhaps it was an extravagance to spend so much on fresh flowers, but she did love to see them about the place.
    Verity was frowning as she returned to her office, picked up a tin of the special beeswax she always used for her antique furniture and took it into the shop. She had made it a practice to polish a couple of pieces of furniture each morning, to keep the place smelling of fresh polish and the potpourri she had in bowls set at various points about the shop. Her customers always remarked on the beautiful smell; it relaxed them, and her friendly manner encouraged them to trust her enough to buy. Her trade had started slowly at first, but people came back and her reputation had grown this past year.
    Usually the very fact of being here amongst these beautiful things was enough to make her relax herself. She loved the feel of the silky finish of old wood, the way her cloth glided over the surface of a beautiful antique table or an elegant desk. Looking at them gave her a sense of permanence, of satisfaction, and knowing these things were hers to sell gave her a purpose. She was doing something she wanted to with her life at last.
    Verity stood with the cloth in her hand as she considered. Had she wanted to marry Michael Lovelace nearly twenty years ago? She'd been pregnant with Jane, and it had seemed the natural thing to do – but had she really wanted to be his wife? She supposed that she must have done. There must have been a time when his smile had made her feel good, when his jokes had made her want to giggle, his touch had sent the blood racing through her veins. Yes, of course there had! It was just that it was hard to remember these days. He spent so little time at home. His business demanded attention six days of the week, and on Sundays he often played golf in the mornings. After lunch he cut the lawn if it needed it, otherwise he cleaned the car or fell asleep in front of the television.
    She knew that Michael wasn't the only man to follow the same dull routine every weekend. Her friend Susan Edwards was always complaining that her husband Bill did the same thing, but she said it with a smile on her face, and a look in her eyes that told a different story. The magic was still there for Bill and Susan, but Verity knew that it had gone missing from her life, though she wasn't sure whose fault it was.
    For a long time, while Jane was still a small child, she'd been happy enough; they had still shared a small joke or an intimate smile, but of late even those things had vanished. They hadn't had sex for weeks – they hadn't made love for more than two years, and there was a difference.
    Verity hadn't forgotten what it felt like to make love, to know the warmth and satisfaction, the sharing that comes from being close to the man you care for. She had loved Michael once, perhaps she still did deep down. He was still undoubtedly an attractive man with his thick, slightly wavy hair, which was a darkish blond in colour, his blue eyes and rather heavy brows. But his character had changed of late and there were times now when she felt she was living with a stranger, and someone she didn't always like very much.
    To a casual observer, Verity was the very essence of Today's Woman. Efficient, well groomed, with an air of confidence, a friendly manner and a look in her eyes that warned she meant what she said. Dealers liked her because she was businesslike and they knew where they stood with her. She didn't lie about her stock and she'd become known for having good, genuine pieces. But she had something more, a vitality that made her eyes shine and her laughter was infectious, though she wasn't aware of it herself.

    Thursday, January 3, 2008

    The Wait Is Over

    By Pat Cromwell

    In my last post I wrote about anxiously awaiting word on my third submission and all the anxiety I experience prior to and immediately following sending off a manuscript. For what seemed like months, but was actually weeks I obsessed over the submission. It didn't matter that I sent it during the holidays -- I was sure that the words written just wern't good enough (I am my own worse critic).

    Well this morning - bright and early - I had my response.

    Yeah! At 6am I was jumping for joy; my waiting was over and I was offered a contract for my 3rd book tentatively titled Flying. Needless to say I printed the signature page, signed it, scanned it, and emailed my response by 10 am.

    Following is a really brief snippet of what it is about:

    Vincent Rutland is complex. He is trying to come to grips with scars from his childhood, an over protective uncle, and to live up to his father's image of greatness. A turning point comes in his life when he initiates a meeting between himself and Eliot, a woman whom his father had a brief affair with, and is the mother of his half brother.

    This meeting begins a chain of events that leads Vincent through a horrific journey that culminates with his acknowledging his demons and finally finding love and comfort in the arms of the one woman that he is able to find the unconditional love that he's craved all his life, Antoinette who is also Eliot's beloved friend.

    While Vincent shares a bond and familiarity with Eliot, it is Antoinette who ultimately captures his heart and his soul. But will the events of the night he shared with Eliot doom the relationship to fail? And will Vincent be able to accept, understand, and forgive the secret that Antoinette is hiding -- a secret directly related to that night as well?

    Now the fun begins: edits and re-writes. But at least, this time I have a fairly good ideal of what is expected of me and what I can expect to take place. Gosh, I suppose this means I have officially arrived and I can take myself from the status of “I dabble a bit with writing” to “I have several books under my belt”.

    Needless to say I am really hyped. I have my fingers crossed that I get the same great editor that I had with Behind Blue Eyes – the lady has the patience of a saint. On my drive into work this morning I put together a story board in my mind’s eye for a YouTube video. I know the ingredients; I just have to make sure I mix them all properly.

    In the coming weeks – particularly as the release draws near I’ll share more.

    But for now…

    Happy Reading!
    Pat Cromwell
    Behind Blue Eyes at

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008

    New Releases Chat Thursday night, featuring Lori Devoti and Marly Mathews

    Join us, Thursday, January 3rd from 9pm to 10pm for our first new releases chat of 2008! We'll be talking with Lori Devoti about her latest Nocturne Release, Guardian's Keep! I will also be talking about my new release Doorway to the Stars!
    I'll see you in the RWA Online Public Chat room on Thursday night!
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    Tuesday, January 1, 2008

    Happy 2008!

    Happy New Year!

    I'm looking forward to 2008. 2007 was a great year, with many accomplishments I am proud of.

    I also found out yesterday that I was nominated for the Rites of Romance Reviewers' Choice Awards, in two categories: Best Historical Author and Best Historical Novel for Leading Her to Heaven. It's the reviewers of RORR who nominated me, but it's you who pick the winner, so hop on over to the RORR Yahoo! Group and cast your votes! I'm up against some of my own personal favorite authors - Emma Wildes and Gayle Eden. Just being named alongside those extremely talented ladies is a fantastic honor.