Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bastard/ Anne Ireland

The Bastard/anne Ireland Published by Leap of Faith and available at amazon as well as other outlets Enjoy the excerpt!


Even as a child Bethany knew that Jake was dangerous, but for her he would always have a fatal attraction.

Bethany will never forget the tragic day in the woods when the cousins first met the Bastard. None of them could guess at what terrible repercussions this meeting would have or how it would affect all their lives. Are they all destined to suffer for their childish folly – or will some of them find happiness at last?

Crippled and twisted in body and mind, Stephen carries a deep hatred of the bastard who caused his accident. He will take his revenge on all those who care for him, but it is Jake and Bethany he hates the most.

Michael loves Bethany and is prepared to use any means at his disposal to have her. Torn between two men, Bethany finds her solace in the care of children sent away from their homes because of the terrible war that pours havoc on the streets of England’s cities. Despite the pain they inflict, she remains loyal to those she cares for and can only watch helplessly as they bring about their own destruction. Can she find happiness for herself?



There are moments when my mind travels back to that warm summer day when I was just a child.  All at once I am torn by regret and remorse for what I have done and for what I did not do.  If I were a better person, none of it would have ever happened. Yet even if I had known what was to come, could I have prevented it? There were other forces at work that had stronger wills than mine; as a result, the momentum swept me up as if I were a leaf in a gale, and carried me along.
          No, that is the excuse of a weak woman begging for the blame to be lifted from her shoulders, for forgiveness.  I was never weak.  Even when we were children, it was always I who led and Michael who followed, despite the fact that he was older and stronger.
          But I have learned that there are different strengths —a strength of purpose, a strength of body and a strength of mind.
          As I stand now looking out of my window at gardens  that were once beautiful but have now fallen into neglect  I know that much of what happened herewas my fault.  The grief and pain that I feel cannot be avoided; they are mine and I accept them.  I must bear them until the day comes when I can forgive myself.
          By way of atonement I have decided to set it all down just as it happened, so that others can read the truth.  In doing so I may come to understand myself, and perhaps with understanding will come an easing of my grief.
          I pray that God will at least judge me mercifully.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Chat with Anastasia Plum from Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart by Gemma K. Murray

Well, our lovely Gemma K. Murray had intended on blogging today, but she’s a little busy working on Book 3 in the Cedar River series. I’m Anastasia Plum and I thought I’d help one of my favorite women out. After all, she managed to help me catch my favorite flyboy, Bowie. Oops, speak of the devil himself, here he comes.

Bowie: What are you doing, babe? (cocking an eyebrow)

Ana: I’m helping Gemma. She’s so busy working on Brady and Silver’s story and I know how important this is to her.

Bowie: (shaking head) Darlin’, do you know what you’re doing?

Ana: (glares at Bowie) Are you saying I can’t manage to tell our story without screwing it up? Get out, Bowie! (points finger toward the front door)

Bowie: (bends to kiss his wife) I never said that, but I love you. Take it easy today. (waves to the readers)

Ana: That man aggravates me! Okay, where was I? Oh right, let me tell you about the woman who I blessed with our story.
Her name is Gemma K. Murray and she resides in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I watched her for a while before deciding this was the author to tell the stories of Cedar River and their residents.
See, Gemma had a hard time believing in her talent, so her writing career was simply not a career. One night I snuck into her dreams and allowed the story to unfold. We butted heads, she and I. Foolish woman tried to make me a wolf-shifter. (I stopped speaking to her for about a week over that mistake!) Finally, the story was finished. Bowie and I told everyone in Cedar River about Gemma. They began to clamor at the gates of her dreams, begging for their story to be told as well. When Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart was released in March, Gemma cried, but she returned to her keyboard and began Adam Thomas’ story. Once again, foolish woman thought she knew whose story to tell next…she was wrong.
(Ana takes a sip of her tea and nibble of chocolate) Let’s see, I should tell you about Cedar River. Cedar River is a small community set along the shores of Lake Superior in the U.P. Shifters of every shape and size call Cedar River home. We’ve managed to stay hidden for many years, but now there are some religious zealots who think shifters need to be destroyed. Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart allows the reader to step into our world.
Do you want to see the cover? The artist made me look FINE!
Blurb-The Upper Peninsula of Michigan seems like it is another country. The rawness and beauty of the land draws people from every walk of life. What most people don't realize is there is a little town nestled on the banks of Lake Superior that an entire group of supernatural beings call home. Shifters of every shape and size live there. They raise their families there. Tourists come from near and far to visit the quaint town of Cedar River, Michigan. The tourists never realize they are walking among some of the most unusual beings on earth.

Bowie Golden is a dragon shifter who is in charge of Cedar River's safety. Until now, the biggest threat to anyone's safety was Anastasia Plum, a witch/puma-shifter. She has been the town hellraiser since she was a teenager. Now someone has discovered the secret the residents of Cedar River keep for one another. These radicals are determined to eradicate the entire town. It's up to Bowie to keep them all safe.

Ana has always idolized Bowie. She may have stirred up trouble from time to time, but Bowie or one of his brothers would always get her out of the trouble she was in. One day, it happened. The unthinkable, the unimaginable occurred. Anastasia Plum fell for the "golden" boy. What an unlikely duo- the sheriff and the hellraiser!
Just as these two discover their passion for one another, a group of people is determined to keep them apart. It's up to Ana to prove that she is the only Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart.

Ana:Doesn’t that sound like a great book? (I may be a little biased.) I promised Gemma I wouldn’t talk too long.
If you’re looking for a wonderful story, you can pick up Keeper of the Golden Dragon’s Heart for your e-reader at these places on the web:


Now, if you’re looking for Gemma, you can find her here:

Website- (She’s got some great stuff on there.)

And I (along with Adam’s lady, Luna McIntyre) “encouraged” Gemma to start up a Cedar River series Facebook page. This way, we can interact with the readers. At any given time, there will be a resident of Cedar River available to answer any questions you might have.
Cedar River Series on Facebook-

Stop by and chat with all of us. Prove to Gemma I, I mean, we weren’t wrong in asking her to do this for us.

On behalf of Gemma, I want to say “Thank you” for allowing us to come visit with you today! I had a blast and I know Gemma will be on to answer any questions a little later on. The woman has to take a break sometimeJ Have a bright and beautiful day filled with blessings! Bye-bye!