Sunday, April 20, 2008

Letters From Home

The world is changing and I find myself having difficulty sometimes adjusting to the "new world." I have always loved getting letters and cards in the mail--you know--the real paper kind. There is something so special about the thought and contemplation that other person went to in order to send me that card or that letter. When we were young and in college, my husband and I wrote faithfully to one another almost every day. My letters often contained little momentos like pressed flowers and trinkets from gumball machines. He even wrote poetry--for real. My letters had sealing wax on the envelope and pressed into the wax would be little symbols of love like a double heart or a rose. These letters lifted my spirits especially when I was homesick.
I sent a friend a letter recently with special ink in sea blue and sealing wax on the envelope. Because of modern mechinery at the post office, the seal was snapped right off. It was very disappointing. Still, it was my handwriting. Remember when you could recognize the handwriting of your friends and family? Do you think that still happens?
It's great to get instant messages and email. I can even talk to my friend in Australia using a headset and my computer. But I miss handwritten letters, seeing the handing writing of the people I love and the time and effort that they put into "Real" letters.
Sarah McNeal

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