Monday, July 21, 2008

My WIP: The Light of Valmora

Falcon McKnight
(He just looks like Hugh Jackman. LOL)

I've been a little stuck lately. Obligations have kept me away from my writing and I've really over-extended myself giving my writing a back seat. Well all that has changed. I was looking in on the classroom of the Carolina Romance Writers Spells of Unsticking Workshop taught by Emily Alward and her words hit me like a cement wall. I've been keeping myself from my work--work that I love. So I took some of her suggestions and, the next thing ya know, I'm back in the saddle.

By the way, Carolina Romance Writers offer a monthly array of workshops that are absolutely fabulous.

Any hoo, here is just a tiny bit of what I wrote today on my WIP The Light of Valmora. I'll add the blurb first.


To free his father from the Queen of the Dark Isle, Falcon must find the legendary Light of Valmora which lies hidden in the darkest place on earth. To complicate things further, he is falling in love with Izabelle, his brother’s woman.

Once rejected by Peregrine, Izabelle wants revenge. But when she tries to use Falcon to initiate her plan, everything gets out of control along with her heart.


He turned his back to her, leaned over and gathered up the blanket and saddle. Throwing the blanket over his left shoulder, he held the saddle balanced between his right hand and shoulder. As he made his way to his horse, he gave her a backward glance. “There’s nothing I can do to help you in your endeavors to capture my brother’s heart. That little matter is between you and Peregrine. I won’t be dragged into your silly little games. Got that?”
Izabelle watched him secure the saddle to the black horse that was peacefully nibbling grass near the clear water dashing over stones in the creek. Anger ran its hot fingers up her spine. Was there a more arrogant bull-headed man on the planet? Most likely not. But she was not about to give up. “I just need you to make Peregrine jealous,” she pleaded following behind him as he walked the horse up the hill to where the others were resting.
“Wait up,” she called to him and hurried her steps to catch up. As soon as she met his step, she took him by the arm trying to make him stop. “Please Falcon, help me. Haven’t you ever been in love with someone and they just couldn’t really see you?” His back stiffened when she spoke. She felt she had hit a raw nerve. Perhaps she could convince him yet to go along with her plan.
Stepping in front of him to face him and taking hold of the horse’s reigns, Izabelle pleaded. “Won’t you please reconsider? I just want Peregrine to notice me. What is a violin compared to a warm, breathing woman?” Reaching out, she clasped his arm in her hand. The feel of his skin and muscle beneath her palm felt warm and solid.
His muscles bunched under her touch as if the touch of her hand made him tense. He pulled back his arm from her and stepped back. Glaring at her, his mouth set in a thin line and his eyes blazed with warning. “Leave me alone. Go play your childish games with someone else.”
Her throat tightened and her cheeks tingled as if he had slapped her. Childish? “You pig-headed, arrogant bastard. I am a woman fully grown. I’m not playing any childish games as you refer to it. I am trying to win the heart of the man I love. Can’t you see that? Are you so cold to love that you can’t understand what it’s like to want someone body and soul?”
A dangerous look swept across his face. As if it were possible, his eyes grew darker until they were black and searing her with a look she had never seen before. She wanted to back away from him yet felt nailed to the spot awaiting her fate.
With sudden animation, he stepped toward her and gathered her into her hard muscled arms. His mouth came down on hers and his tongue ran along the seam of her lips until, almost against her will, she opened to him.
Izabelle didn’t mean to respond to him like some cat in heat but she found herself reaching up and sliding her hands into the silky thickness of his hair. It felt so good slipping her fingers through the soft mass of his locks. His kiss seemed to brand her and take possession of her until she became a mad woman.
All good things to your corner of the universe.

Sarah McNeal

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