Monday, March 9, 2009

Homecoming by Regina Paul

I'm excited to say I have a brand new release coming out on April 7, 2009 from Eternal Press. So, thought I'd post an unedited blurb and exerpt.


Eagle and Crew were once more than lovers. They were bond mates, connected not just by a heart bond, but by a strong psychic bond that allowed them to communicate telepathically. While an older Eagle was ready for the committment of their bonding ceremony, Crew was not. Eagle pushed. They fought. Crew left, heading for the stars he longed to explore. Five years later Crew has returned and is now ready to make his committment to Eagle permanent with the bonding ceremony. But will a blazing hot encounter lead to the homecoming Crew has been dreaming about, or does Eagle have revenge on his mind?


Stepping back a bit but still keeping his arm around the younger man’s shoulders, Eagle began walking them towards the wide open doors at the other end of the building. Outside Crew could see twinkling stars in shades of aqua, pink and blue, as well as the pink and purple shrouded Oberion Nebula that filled a quarter of his world’s night sky. “Yes, where else would I live?”

“Well, I just thought that maybe…” Crew let his words trail off.

“That I would want to move so I could forget you?” Eagle finished for him. Then he looked down into Crew’s peridot colored eyes and said, “Crew, I never want to forget you. Not then and not now.”

Guilt sleeted through Crew; he had wanted to forget Eagle. He had in fact done everything he could to forget the man, even going so far as to purchase a male prostitute who was said to know some very interesting sexual techniques. In the end it hadn’t mattered, he hadn’t been able to bear even the touch of the man’s fingers against his hand. “I tried to forget you.” He whispered, his eyes lowered in shame.

“I know, I felt it when you tried to…” This time it was Eagle’s turn to let his voice trail off into nothingness.

“Nothing happened. I couldn’t even bear for him to so much as touch my hand. I ended up paying him, and sending him on his way.” Crew looked up into the older man’s face, his eyes earnest.

“Yes, I know. I saw it through your eyes.” This was said quietly and Eagle’s fingers tightened almost to the point of pain on Crew’s shoulder before they loosened and Eagle let out a sigh. “The important thing is you’re home.”

“Yes.” It was strange. Eagle wasn’t asking him if he was planning on staying or putting any pressure on him to stay. He seemed like he wanted to bond with him again, but he wasn’t trying to pressure him into a lifetime commitment as he had five years before. Of course that could be due to the fact that it had been five years since they’d last seen each other, and they had only been in each other’s presence for fifteen minutes or so. It could also be because the man wanted some kind of revenge. Still the behavior was so unlike Eagle, that Crew didn’t know what to make of it.

When they reached the tall building that housed Eagle’s apartment déjà vu overwhelmed Crew as he remembered the last time he had been here. They’d fought over the commitment ceremony or rather Crew’s unwillingness to have one until after he’d seen something of the universe. His last memory had been of Eagle standing at the glass front door watching him with pain-filled eyes as he walked away heading to the spaceport and his newly purchased ship. His final shouted words to Eagle had been, “Fuck you! I don’t need this shit! If you can’t accept me as I am, accept my dreams then you don’t deserve me!” The memory reminded him of what a hothead he’d been at twenty-one. He liked to think that five years had mellowed him somewhat, but only time would tell if that was true with regards to his relationship with Eagle. They had always set sparks off of each other, and not just in bed.

The elevator ride was over in seconds, and the hallways they traveled through though decorated differently in greens this time instead of blues were familiar as was the door to Eagle’s apartment. Unlike in their past doors could now be any shape at all from rectangular to triangular to round. Eagle had always liked his doors round, a throw back to his Native American ancestry back on their mother world, Earth.

“Why don’t you unlock the door.”

Crew threw Eagle a disbelieving look, before asking incredulously. “You mean my retina scan is still in there?”

“Yes.” Eagle stroked one long brown finger down the side of his face. “I knew you would come back home eventually.” He dropped his hand and shrugged one shoulder.

(c) Copyright 2009 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

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