Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visit with Ciara Lake

Hello Moonlight Romance Blog, thank you for having me.  I’m Ciara Lake and very excited to communicate with readers and authors. 
Writing is a joy.  The moment it becomes no longer joyous I will feel different about it.  But for now I rush home to write.  I have a difficult day job where escape from it is wonderful.  I love to escape into my worlds of fiction.   I can manipulate these fantasy worlds as I wish.  How great is that!  I sometimes just spend time thinking about my plots, sort of like daydreaming as a therapy.  I jot down notes I later use when weaving my new worlds. 
                This new career has helped me make some great friends and or collogues.   Patricia, Elise, Regina, Pam and the list is growing.  I’ve worked with great publishers too.  I believe we all share the dream to be successful while having fun writing.  To me writing is like art.  I create art as I write a new world into existence.  It’s like painting with words. 
                If you are interested in writing… get started.  For so many years I dreamed of writing and did not do it.  Then one day I decided to write and the rest is history.  I was lucky to find someone to mentor me.   I suggest reading, communicating on blogs and you can find a mentor to help you as well.  There are secrets to the industry just like in any career.  A mentor can help you find your way making it an easier venture.  
                In June I am going to a convention with Lori Foster, Reader’s Get Together in Ohio.  I am very excited to go visit with other authors and fans.  Some of the authors there are favorites of mine.  That will be nice to meet them.  This author world is so different from being a lawyer, it’s refreshing.  It’s exciting and fun.  I am really grateful to those you enjoy my books.  Thank you for reading them.  I welcome any suggestions or comments to me directly about my books too.
Please read the series I am writing with Elise Whyles.  The series is a new twist on Vampires and other immortals.  One of my biggest joys is brain storming with Elise regarding our stories.  Working together to get the world and characters to come to life is exhilarating.    
                May 21, 2012 my next book is going to be released with Beachwalk Press, Curse of A Dragon’s Claim, Forsaken series book 2.  I am very excited for this series to launch.  Elise Whyles book was already released in April, Forsaken Heart.   Enjoy this new twist on immortals among us.  

Curse of a Dragon's Claim by Ciara Lake
The Forsaken Series, Book 2
Genre(s): Erotic Paranormal Romance
Digital ISBN: 9781937325268
Length: Novel
Publication Date: May 21, 2012
Price: $5.50
The flame within a dragon warrior's heart awakens Arianna's passion as she begins a journey in which she will discover she's something more than she ever imagined possible.
The realm of the dragons is a world of magic, danger, and mystery. For centuries they've been at war with the vampires, but now the two enemies must work together to save all immortals, and the mortals they co-exist with, from an ancient evil. In order to do so, they need the help of the Forsaken, descendants of immortals who were cast out into the human realm, their memories wiped clean of their true heritage.
Clayne MacDagon is a powerful dragon warrior who is sent on a mission to find one of the Forsaken. Although he's told that this woman is his fated mate, he can't believe it could possibly be true. Arianna Mergliano possesses both dragon and vampire blood, and Clayne has an intense hatred for anything even remotely related to vampires, the evil beings who were responsible for his beloved twin's death.
When Arianna meets Clayne, she's convinced that the man is insane, or maybe he's a warlock or even the devil himself, but whichever it is, she wants nothing to do with him.
Clayne knows he can't fail at his mission. And once he meets Arianna he also knows that what he's been told is true—she is, ironically, his intended mate.
Convincing her to accept him is only the beginning. He has to protect her from those who might want her dead. Together, they must face the shadows and evil that have long plagued the immortal realms and find a way to survive the coming war.
Content Warning: graphic sex, some violence
Thank you, Ciara Lake.

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