Thursday, November 28, 2013

Forgiveness by Dilys J. Carnie

The first book in The Fitzgerald Brothers is called One Night One Mistake. The heroin, Eva is a strong, independent woman who made a mistake that caused her a traumatic loss. With age comes a wisdom and the scars on the outside heal far quicker than the ones inside.
Do we learn from our mistakes? Do we get to an age where we should know better? I guess life is a journey of living and part of living is to make mistakes and learn from them. Hurting from the inside out can cause the ruptures of heartache to become imbedded into our souls, but forgiving makes us better human beings. Trusting and forgetting is another story.

The most important lessons in life are from the bad mistakes we make, learning from them so that we don’t repeat them. Developing the wisdom and sense that controls our decisions can only come from bad choices.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new” Albert Einstein. Philosophical words…but invariably there are those heart-breaking mistakes that scar us forever, the type that stay with you constantly it doesn’t matter how hard you try to put them behind you.

Eva and Gabe travel a journey where neither one can offer forgiveness for the mistake they made on one night of impulse. Walking away lost Eva ten years of her life and letting her go cost Gabe the woman he loved. Will he be able to understand why she left? Will she ever be able to love again?

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