Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Back To You heroine Lynsey Reznor tells all about Evan Monroe!

This post is part of an ongoing series of interviews with my Back To You heroine, Lynsey Reznor. Lynsey has been kind enough to talk about the bachelors of Unity. Today, Lynsey dishes about Evan Monroe.

NNB: Welcome back, Lynsey! Thank you for taking the time to fill in the readers out there about Unity’s most eligible and willing bachelor, Evan Monroe. How do you sum up Evan?

LR: Evan Monroe is probably the nicest man in Unity. I know that sounds like a stretch, or just an easy answer. But in this case, it is true.  Evan really is the nicest man in Unity, probably the nicest man I know. He’s the kind of guy you could never be sad around because he would manage to somehow, some way make you smile. A true friend, a true gentleman.

NNB: So how does a gem like this still remain a bachelor?

LR: It’s a bit complicated. See, Evan had a steady girlfriend, her name is Karen. But a while ago, Evan was involved in a serious accident, he nearly died. When Karen thought he was going to remain in a coma, or possibly disabled in some way, she bailed on him without a second thought. I’m glad Evan found out what kind of woman Karen really was before he married her.

NNB: But Evan is fine now, yes?

LR: Yes, thankfully. He’s mostly recovered now. He also has a lot of good friends who have supported him though this trying time in his life.

NNB: Most notably, Nick and Owen?

LR: Yes, Nick especially. He and Evan are best friends.

NNB: So, is there a chance of anything romantic happening between the two of you?

LR: Evan is a wonderful man, but the truth is, there is no sizzle, no chemistry between us. Evan is very serious about wanting to be married, to starting a family, just like me. Maybe we could forge a relationship out of our friendship, and perhaps it would last. But in the long run, is it really fair to either of us? I think there is a woman out there who is perfect for Evan, but it’s not me.

NNB: Still holding out for that great love to come into your life?

LR: Meaning?

NNB: Nick Lincoln, of course.

LR: I thought this little talk was all about Evan?

NNB: True, but I couldn’t resist.

LR: Well, all I can say in finishing is that I do sincerely hope Evan will find his happily-ever-after with his perfect woman. Hopefully soon.

NNB: And with that, we will conclude this little talk with Lynsey. Thank you for sharing your insight with the readers about Evan Monroe. 

Next up...Caleb Smith.

To find out more about Evan Monroe and Lynsey Reznor, read Back To You, available now by Natalie-Nicole Bates!

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