Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love Is Not Enough

I always seem to be late with my posts these days but I don't think anyone will be posting today. A month or so ago I received my copies of the audio of Love Is Not Enough/Linda Sole/Severn House. At first I couldn't find it on the web and amazon didn't have it. Now they do but are saying it is already out of print or temporarily out of stock. I am not sure whethere to be pleased that it has sold out so quickly or disappointed that not enough were pressed. I would have liked to buy an extra copy.

The second book in the series seems to be selling in print, only one left on This is also coming out in audio, perhaps they will print a few more copies of the CD this time. The third book Forbidden Love is out in December in the UK an March 2009 USA. Fingers crossed that will get done in audio as well!

I have just finished a book this morning. I just have to print and check through for mistakes and then I am going to have a holiday. LOL Linda

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