Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter/Passover

Happy Easter/Passover
Whatever you are doing to celebrate the holidays, I hope that you'll have fun and enjoy this day of renewal.
My family is having a luncheon and we're each bringing our favorite foods and enjoy conversation and good eats till we drop. My sister volunteered to work at the hospital today so she doesn't have to bring anything.
I'm going to take a little private time after things settle down and remember those I've lost this year, my friend Joyce, my sister, Marlene whose birthday would have been April 17 and my loving dog Kate. Then I'm going to plan my vacation to Hilton Head that was given as a gift from my buddy, Mike Hinson, plan a garden and start looking for a puppy. It's time for me to go forward with my life and find some happiness again and this is the perfect time of year to do that.
To all of you I wish you a wonderful holiday.
Wishing you happiness to your corner of the universe.
Sarah McNeal

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