Sunday, April 19, 2009

News about new books

I feel dreadful because I haven't managed to get on for a week or two and I probably won't for the next few weeks so I am blogging tonight while I have the chance. My latest HMB will be out next month. It is the first of a triolgy and every book has Hanover Square in the title - my publisher's idea. I hope it doesn't confuse readers! The first is A Country Miss in Hanover Square and I've just finished the proofs of the final book so that series is nicely tucked to bed.

On the ebook side I have Dark Ancient Queen going through the editing process with Amira Press and the cover is good. They usually produce good covers. I am terribly busy working on a series of long books for my agent. These are intended for mainstream, and as the first has gone in I may have news before too long.

Apologies to whoever posts today. Hope this doesn't interfere with your posting. I will be back when I can. Best wishes to everyone and I hope my readers enjoy the new Anen Herries book.
The cover is from the second book in the Family Feud book from Severn House.

Love from Linda/Anne

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