Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dangerous to Know and Daddy Loves Belinda

The cover is Dangerous to Know/Anne Ireland/Red Rose Publishing

Coming 8th October.

An excerpt from Daddy Loves Belinda/Anne Ireland/Red Rose Publishing

Coming soon

She was covered in blood when they found her. It had matted into her fair curls, was smeared over her face, hands and legs, and had soaked into her pretty, white dress. Around her mouth, the blood had created a garish, clown-like effect that sent shivers down his spine.
She looked like a little vampire, Sergeant Harry Thorpe thought, as though she had rolled in her mother's blood and drunk from the open wounds. Good grief! What was he thinking? Revulsion swept over him as he realized that his mind was playing the worst kind of trick on him. She was a child – two or three at most: an innocent victim of the madman who had viciously stabbed Janice Creek to death.
It was a wonder they had found the child so quickly. Situated at the edge of Sir Melvin Gutteridge's estate, the cottage was isolated. Janice Creek and her daughter Belinda lived there alone, rarely walking the five miles to the village shop in Whitney. If it had not been for the anonymous phone call, the child might have been trapped with her mother's corpse for days. As it was, the body was hardly cold.
'Poor little mite!' Policewoman Sarah Maddison swept the child up in her arms, carrying her outside to the woman from Social Services, who was waiting to take her to safety.
As they passed Harry, the child smiled: an innocent, sweet, beguiling smile.
’Daddy loves Belinda,’ she said and for a moment, her eyes looked straight into his, sending a trickle of ice down his spine.
Harry Thorpe put a hand to his face, his mind reeling from the horror of too many deaths, too many murders. If he kept on this way, he would be heading for a breakdown. For a moment he'd thought he was looking into the eyes of a killer, but that was madness.

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