Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dangerous To Know& Daddy Loves Belinda

Hi everyone! I have two books coming from Red Rose Publishing very soon now. This is an Anne Ireland book.

Daddy Love Belinda is a romance/suspense written in the first person and Dangerous to Know is a third person mystery /romance with an American hero.

A small excerpt from Dangerous To Know is here for you and the cover for Daddy Loves Belinda.

"My sister has been missing for more than three weeks now. I think someone must have killed her. What I want to know is what you intend to do about it?"
The girl wasn’t particularly tall, but what she lacked in inches, she made up for in spirit. Eyes that were normally a soft grey flashed fire, as she pushed her long, straight hair back from her forehead.
"I’m sorry, ma’am. Her husband reported this just over a week ago. We have her listed as missing. I don’t have much hope of finding her. People go off on their own for a variety of reasons, and I very much doubt that she has been murdered." The American police officer gave the young English girl a harassed look. "If a body turns up we’ll let you know."
"It will be a bit late by then, don’t you think?" Karin Blake snapped. "I’m asking you what you are doing to find my sister, now, before that happens."
"We’ve posted missing person pictures," the officer glared at her. Do you have any idea how many people go missing in New York every year?
"I’m only interested in finding my sister."
"We’re doing all we can, miss."
Karin stared indignantly as the police captain walked off and left her. She wanted to yell at him that he was a fool and tell him he didn’t deserve to be a police officer, but she knew it would be like water off a duck’s back. He just wasn’t interested in her or Angela.
So now what could she do? She had to try something else, because she wasn’t prepared to give up on her twin. She turned to leave the crowded office, threading her way through a tide of incoming criminals, including drug addicts, petty thieves and the police officers accompanying them in the hall.
"Miss Blake." A young dark-haired officer laid his hand on her arm. "Hey, can I talk to you for a sec?"
"Yes, if you wish." Karin looked at him. At least he seemed friendly, unlike his captain who had appeared to think she was nothing but a nuisance. "Do you know anything about my sister?"
He shook his head, disappointing her. "I heard you got the run around, but the department just doesn’t have the time to give priority to something like a missing woman."
"Then what am I supposed to do?" Karin asked. "Angela is my sister and I care about her. I need to find her, Mr…?"
"Helman," he said. "Look, it’s just a suggestion and off the record but why don’t you hire a private detective to look for your sister?"
"Yes, I suppose I could do that," Karin said, suddenly seeing a way out of her frustration. "How would I go about finding a good one, Mr Helman? I don’t live in New York. In fact my plane leaves late this evening – so I don’t have a lot of time to waste looking."
"I know someone who might take your case," he replied. "The thing about Mike Wendell is that he’s honest. He won’t take your money and cheat you – and he used to be one of the best officers we had in the NYPD. He had a bad accident during a car chase and they pensioned him off, but he’s perfectly fit now – against all the odds."
"He sounds exactly the man for me," Karin said, smiling at him. "Thank you for your advice, Mr Helman. Now tell me, where I can find this Mike Wendell?"

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