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An Erotic Vampire Junkie by Maya DeLeina

An Erotic Vampire Romance Junkie

Celebrity memoirs, political autobiographies— you can have it. I know they are the staple best sellers and are the books “cultured” society reads. But I am a romance novel junkie, an erotic romance novel junkie, to be exact. Throw in erotic vampire romance novel junkie and “cultured” just flew out the door.

Or has it?

1. Showing or having good taste, manners, upbringing, and education
2. Educated, polished, and refined; cultivated

By definition, I consider myself cultured. I am an educated, polished, well-mannered woman in her mid-thirties that had a loving and fulfilling upbringing.

Okay, late-thirties- you caught me.

But I seriously don’t have a curious bone in my body to read about the reality of addiction and rehab sessions to a life that most would consider a fairytale. You make millions- deal with it. And don’t even get me started on political autobiographies. Okay, I like some of the underdog tales, but it is still too much embedded reality for my taste.

I have but little me time in this world. In that time, I want an escape, a departure from any resemblance of a reality. I want to live vicariously through an admirable heroine, a woman that is experiencing a love from a man that can be felt down in my toes.  I want a hero that I can fall in love with, not only for his body and looks, but for his heart. And yes, I want a happily ever after, knowing that no matter the mounting troubles faced, the silver lining will always be there. Closing a book and smiling in reflection of the story is as satisfying as savoring a dark chocolate truffle.

Yeah, it’s that good.

So where does vampires and erotica come in all of this?

Well, I want all the above, but without the sappy, lovey-dovey parts. For me, vampires are creatures of raw and primal urges. Even the vampires depicted as scary, fearsome creatures exude a certain amount of dark sensuality that is undeniable and powerful. The balance between a strong heroine and a heroine that can succumb to the touch of a powerful man in spicy sexual escapades is tantalizing and excites every sensory fiber in my body.

And therein lay the path to erotica.  

For the ultimate escape, there is nothing like erotica. Porn without the pictures, Erotica is emotional, putting the reader in the driver seat to visualize every delectable scene with their mind and heart. Erotica is also individualistic, allowing readers to experience the same scene differently.

“His hands explored her with a feather-like touch, making sure that every dip, curve and rise was explored with calculated precision. His hot breath traced down her neck as his tongue delicately savored the spicy sweetness of her skin.”

“Oh yes,” she moaned.

Did you picture yourself as her? Did you imagine his hands touching you, making your skin tickle with excitement? Or maybe you lingered in his hot wet kisses and tongue making your breath just a little hotter, a little quicker.


So now that you know what I love to read and how I love an escape, you can probably guess what my own stories are like. I develop tales that takes readers on a journey of emotions and imagery, delving deep into the fantasies of readers in settings that are mystical, magical, and mysterious.

If that sounds tantalizing, make sure to check out my erotic vampire series, Ambrose Heights Vampires.

Book 1, Flesh Fantasy, takes you on a journey through moonlight trysts in the forest, passionate lovemaking underneath the glow of Moroccan lanterns and sexual decadence upon the human spider web.

Book 2, Veil of Seduction, depicts the sexual exploration between a man and woman. Through castles, a garden labyrinth, underground passages and crystal rivers in a subterranean world, the mystic and magical settings heighten the erotic journey.

Cultured or not, this is what I love to read….and write.

Check me out at

Flesh Fantasy – Ambrose Heights Vampires 1

Blurb:  [Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, bondage, orgies]
Tonight, Rain Calisto searches for her man, and Rhys Matthews comes into focus. He is well-built and sinisterly sexy. In the same Denver nightclub, Armand Anastasio searches for his woman—Rain. But the men are more than gorgeous. They are vampires, and they are unmated.
A chance encounter lands Rhys and Rain together. Their attraction remains undeniably powerful and they fall prey to lust. With each passionate tryst, Rhys senses a connection that goes beyond the flesh. Unbeknownst to Rhys, Rain is a diabetic. Her insulin alters her biological makeup, disguising a revelation he isn’t quite prepared for.
Rain is Rhys's fated mate.
As they struggle with this knowledge, another bombshell is dropped. Rain’s insulin-laced tissue creates a rare vampiric blood that can fetch a hefty profit, and Armand has always known this. Is his attraction to Rain genuine, or is he just out for her blood?
This is the diary of Rain and Rhys. Recorded here is their transformation from a flesh fantasy to eternal love.

Veil of Seduction –Ambrose Height Vampires 1

Blurb: [Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, HEA]
A newborn vampire. A powerful leader. An inconsolable woman. The shaping of their eternity all lies within the eyes.
Steffan Matthews is the devastatingly handsome vampire leader of Ambrose Heights. He cultivates social order and invents concoctions that allow vampires to feel human once again.
But Steffan also has a devouring obsession that brings him to his knees. Her name is Anya. Steffan sets out to claim Anya, a mortal ripe for the taking, as his mate. But the blackness in the eyes of his newborn should’ve served as a warning. Anya is off-limits according to the vampire creed.
It will take the strength of the kinship, the purity of love, a hint of magic, and a subterranean guardian to shield Steffan against the wrath of Ryan Evans, protect him from the fate of the Nemesis, and bridge a passage to his rightful destiny.

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