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Sable and the Gully by Sable Hunter

I grew up in New Orleans and parts of central and eastern Texas.  My family divided their time between the country and city houses so I got exposed to a wide range of cultures.  In New Orleans, I was around Cajun, Creole, voodoo and hoodoo – in Texas, I walked among cowboys, rednecks as well as Houston and Dallas socialites.  But one thing remained constant, my love for the Gulf of Mexico.  Now I know it’s not the French Riviera, but its close and its home.  We went to the beach often.  One of my earliest memories is getting hauled out of bed before dawn to head to the gulf.  I didn’t understand the word gulf – I called it the gully.  The excitement was just wild.  I can remember turning off I10 and heading to Winnie, Texas.  All along the road, I would keep staring at the horizon knowing that soon it would disappear and all I would see was water.  The feeling of endless possibilities was thrilling.

I loved the beach.  My family wasn’t rich, but they weren’t poor – and I don’t know why we roughed it, but we did.  We camped out on the beach or slept in the back of the truck – rarely in a motel.  But I thought it was great.  We cooked on the beach or ate sandwiches out of the coolers.  For a treat, we would drive into Galveston and eat at a restaurant on the strand.  I built sand castles, hunted shells – everything a kid likes to do at the beach.

Now we come to the part I don’t understand.  My parents.  My parents were horrible people!  Really!  What were they thinking?  Looking back, I’m amazed at what they allowed me to do.  When we would arrive at the gully, they – along with my aunt and uncle – would rent us kids an intertube and turn us loose.  By that, I mean they would become involved in some adult type of activity while us kids would paddle off toward Cuba. 

I could go far, let the tide carry me out and then paddle like the devil trying to make it back to land.  Many times, I felt fish bodies rub up against my legs – fool that I was – I thought it was neat!  What was rubbing up against me was probably Jaws and his brother, but I didn’t know that.  I was used to swimming in East Texas lakes and getting perch kissed.  I thought all fish were friendly.  In other words – I was innocent.  And I survived, as did my cousins.  Perhaps my parents were watching us more carefully than I knew or maybe I was just meant to survive to write smut.  I do know that any child of mine would not be allowed to get out of the shallow end of the swimming pool.  He definitely wouldn’t be found bobbing around in the Gulf of Mexico like some shark appetizer. 
Anyway I would like to share with you Libby’s swimming story and the day she got perched kiss.   

Now, this is a much better story than mine.

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An Erotic Romance - Aron McCoy has sworn off women - except for sex. When Libby Fontaine arrives at Aron's Tebow Ranch, she is determined to cram a lifetime of living into a few short months. The doctor has told her that she can't count on her remission from leukemia being a permanent one. Their attraction to one another is instantaneous and overwhelming. But when Aron finds out that Libby is innocent - he backs off. He has nothing to offer a girl who deserves white lace and promises. Then Aron catches Libby pleasuring herself in his stock tank and hears her cry out his name - and the heat is on.

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Here’s the excerpt -        

 “What is this, a Hilton resort?” Libby was shocked; she had expected a clearing and a campfire. Instead, there was a quaint, rustic cabin with mammoth rocking chairs on the front porch and a stone fireplace. There was even running water and a shower the size of a grotto. “Aron, this is tremendous!”
“It’s the McCoy hunting cabin. Mom would go hunting with Dad and she didn’t like to rough it. Dad wanted her company so he spruced it up for her.”
“Your dad must have loved your mother very much.” Libby didn’t realize that she sounded wistful.
Aron wanted to reassure her that he loved her equally, but he also knew that she wasn’t ready to hear it. Something was holding her back. He suspected that she had interpreted his skin-calligraphy the day before – and if he weren’t certifiably insane, she had reciprocated. He fully intended to push the issue – sooner rather than later.
There was a complete kitchen and three bedrooms. The bathroom was downright luxurious, but the piece de’ resistance was a king-size hammock that was professionally engineered and securely hung between four strategically placed trees. Libby suspected the trees had been planted for this specific purpose. Walking up to the hammock, she began to have sensual visions. “Aron, after while . . . .could we. . . “
“Make love in the hammock?”
“Oh, yeah.” A nip on her butt caused Libby to levitate about eighteen inches. “Aron,” she squealed. He had squatted down behind her, totally captivated by the way she was pulling on the thin cotton sundress that she wore. Unconsciously, she had been fiddling with her dress, pulling it forward, leaving her bottom lovingly molded in thin see-through cotton. “Fooling around in this hammock is definitely on the agenda.”
Aron had it all planned out. The fridge was stocked and he had changed the sheets on the bed. But, right now he had a couple of surprises up his sleeve. “Let’s go, precious.”
“Where are we going?”
“Do we have to use real live bait?” Libby pushed her bottom lip out in what was becoming his favorite expression – except for that dazed, rapturous look she got when she came apart in his arms, shivering in orgasmic ecstasy.
“What did you expect to use?” There was no chance he would lose his patience with her, she totally beguiled him.
“A piece of wienie?” she looked hopeful.
“Lucky for you that I brought some.” He loped back to the cabin and came back with a wiener for her. The picturesque little lake was no more than a hundred yards behind the cabin and there was a dock built out over the watery expanse. He loved the way she looked with her legs dangling in the water.
He grinned, watching her push a piece of the meat-stick down over the hook. “You don’t mind if I use a minnow do you?”
“No, but let me turn my head. I don’t want to see you skewer it on the hook.” She dutifully turned away while he baited his hook. Soon, both of their lines were in the water, their bobbers floating on the surface.
Secure in his superior fishing capability, Aron announced. “The last one to catch a fish cooks supper.”
“You’re on, buster.” Libby accepted his challenge. They sat for a few minutes; enjoy the profound peace of the idyllic setting, taking joy in one another’s company. Aron was leaning back on one arm, one leg propped up with one foot in the water. But, soon he felt a little hand nudging on his. “Can we hold hands?”
“Sure.” He sat up, so she could reach him easier. She twined her fingers with his, then brought his hand over into her own lap and clutched it close. It was such a tender moment; Aron found himself swallowing back emotions he had never felt before.
“FUDGESICKLE!” Libby screamed, as she threw herself right on top of Aron. He had to scramble to catch her and still manage to keep both of their fishing poles from falling into the water.
“What happened, baby?” He asked from underneath her.
“Something bit me!” she squealed.
“Where? Did a wasp sting you?” Aron held her and everything else secure as his eyes searched her body for welts.
“No, it was a snake!”
“Libby, a snake did not bite you, baby.”
“Look!” she flounced to one side and held her lovely little leg right up in his face. He almost called a halt to their fishing to carry her up to the hammock and prematurely begin the sexual phase of their outing.
A light red mark did mar the creamy smoothness of her skin, but it was not a snake-bite. “Oh, puddin’, that’s a perch-kiss.”
“A what?” She pulled her leg into her lap to inspect the grievous injury.
“This lake is full of little white perch. They’ve always enjoyed nibbling on the legs and toes of unsuspecting humans who invade their domicile.” Watching her study the little red mark was captivating, but when she bent down and kissed her own leg, he lost it. “Hey, you’re treading on my territory, precious.”
Giggling, she looked up at him. “Well, you’ve got me kissing other parts of my body – I thought this wouldn’t be out of line.”
He leaned over and grazed his lips over the fast-fading mark. “There, now. Forget what I taught you earlier. I’ll do all the Libby-kissing around here; I have no intention of being phased out as obsolete. Next thing I know you’ll be using a dildo.” He was just about to kiss his way to parts north, when Libby exploded.
“Look! Aron, look! I’ve got a bite!” Sure enough, Libby’s bobber was going crazy. She grabbed her pole again and began a tug-of-war with whatever was playing with the hook.
“Wait. Wait. Let him get a hold of it real good, you want the hook to set before you pull your line out of the water.” She followed his instructions, barely able to contain her excitement. When the bobber completely disappeared, she jumped up and began backing up to allow her catch to emerge from the murky depths.
“Help me, Aron. I think I’ve caught a whale!” Aron laid his pole down, amused as all get-out. Standing up, he helped her pull in her catch. It wasn’t a whale, but she had got a real good-sized bass. “Great Googly Moogly!” Obviously, Libby was happy. And when Libby was happy, Aron was happy.
“Looks like I’m cooking supper.” He pulled the fish up in a net, removed the hook and was about to slip the fish into a nearby cooler that he had brought for this specific purpose.
“What are you doing?” There was a tinge of panic in Libby’s voice.
“I’m putting him on ice, we’ll eat him later.”
“We can’t eat Leon.”
Aron sat back on his heels and looked at her. “Leon?”
“I don’t think I could eat him. I’ve looked him in the eye, and he looked back at me.” Aron scrunched his lips together, desperately trying not to laugh.
“Libby, this is not a catch and release lake. It’s the McCoy fishing pond. And we eat our fish.”
“Please? I’ll do unspeakable things to your body.” The devilish little gleam in her eye sold him on the concept.
“Come here, Leon.” He readily grabbed the slippery fish and returned him to the lake. “Okay, baby – strip. Time for unspeakable things.”
“Now?!?” Libby started to run, but Aron tackled her. “What are you thinking?”
“I’m thinking skinny-dipping. We’re going swimming with Leon!”
“But what about perch-kisses?” Libby whispered aghast.
“Perch ain’t the only thing that’s gonna be nibbling on you.” Aron stepped back and began shedding his clothes hand over fist. Libby went more slowly, fascinated by the strip show he was putting on. When he was naked, she was captivated. His cock was so engorged and swollen that it couldn’t even stand up, instead, it hung heavy against his thigh. She felt her loins liquefy in anticipation of being filled by that incredible joy-giver.
He began to walk slowly toward her, she finished disrobing, walking slowly backwards. She didn’t know why she was retreating when everything she wanted was stalking her like a hungry predator. “You’re going to step off the dock, Libbykins.” he warned just a micro-second before she stepped off into nothing.
“RAT BUGGERS!” she squealed as her naked form was encased in the cool spring-fed water. Diving in behind her, Aron gathered her close, pushing her hair out of her eyes.
“Refreshing, huh?” She was so cute.
“It’s colder than a witch’s tit!” she exclaimed. The word ’tit’ was the only word he heard, so he held her aloft in the water and fastened his mouth securely to one slightly wrinkled areola.
“Oh, I love that, Aron. Sometimes, I want to just sit in front of the television all night and let you lie in my lap and suck my breasts.” The sexy domestic scene she painted had him designing blueprints in his mind. They needed their own house. He wanted to be able to love Libby anytime, anywhere without worrying about his brother’s disturbing them. Or maybe, he would just build them another house – yeah that’s what he’d do. He was the eldest – he’d keep the big house. Besides, Libby loved the house. It was fast becoming hers – not Bess’s and not his own Mom’s. Libby’s.
“Mmmmm,” he groaned as he chewed softly on her nipple. “I could just eat you up, sugar-doll.”
He felt her legs wrap around his chest and she began to push against him in a rockin’ motion that he longed to share. “Aron, I’m aching. I need you to put him in. Please,” she begged.
“Relax and lay back,” he instructed her. “You’re going to float and I’m going diving.” When he had her fixed, and she was laying on top of the water like some erotic mermaid, he brought his lips to her hot-button. With soft swirls, he caressed her pink folds. “You have the prettiest pussy, baby.”
“I’m going to sink, Aron. It feels too good, I can‘t be still.” Aron ran his arms underneath her bottom and gave her the support she needed. He’d always give her the support she needed. Eating her out was an absolute delight. She smelled like the body wash she used, something with raspberries. Tunneling deep in her passage, he felt her began to tense. Knowing she was close, he moved the sensual assault to her clitoris. Using the flat of his tongue, he laved the pink pearl until she screamed his name. Before she could recover, he stood her up and walked her to the dock. “Hang on, baby.” Butting up to her back, he lifted her bottom and entered her from behind.
“My God, Aron.” Almost immediately, she began to push back on him, enveloping him in red-hot velvet, enthusiastically impaling herself on his tumescent organ. “You are so big!” Enclosing one breast with a hand, he reached around her cupping her vulva in the other hand and finding her clitoris with the pad of his forefinger. Then, he went to work. Squeezing her breast, diddling her clit and pumping into her from the rear was a trifecta move. They had both been so heated with desire that in just a few minutes they were writhing in a climax so powerful, the tremors lingered and lingered long after the initial explosion. Without pulling out, he carefully turned her in his arms, running his hands over her damp body. She nestled close to him in complete trust and complete satisfaction.
Well, not completely complete. “I’m hungry, Aron.”
“Well, since we won’t be having fish for supper. How about a wienie?” Deep within her he wiggled his cock.
“Can we roast them, outside, around a fire?” The enthusiasm in her voice was contagious.
“Is there any other way?”
She was lovely by firelight. Aron couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She had taken a quick post-romp shower alone, much to his dismay, and then changed into one of the short sets he had bought her. Seeing her clothed in things he had given her did something to the he-man part of him that wanted to provide for his woman. Her damp hair was loosely braided with a yellow ribbon and her eyes were shining like the brightest of stars. Tonight was the night. He was going to tell her he loved her or die trying.
She had been enthralled with roasting her own wieners on a limb that he had cut and carved just for her. In fact, she had almost made herself sick eating, because she kept wanting to hold another hot-dog over the crackling fire. “Hold off, Libby. Let’s have dessert, instead.” A warm look of lust came into her eyes and she reached for him.
“Wait, munchkin. Hammock time is next, but while we’ve got the fire going, I want to introduce you to Smores.”
“That’s what I want, too. Smore of you.” He almost ditched the graham crackers and hauled her off to his lair, but he knew if he could calm her down she would love the warm chocolaty treat. And he wanted to give her every good experience he could think of. Libby’s amazingly sweet innocence was riveting to him. Experiencing new things with her was like enjoying them anew for himself. Everything was fun. Every moment was precious.
“Here put these marshmallows on your stick.” He handed her a couple of the big white fluffy ones.
With child-like awe she watched the puffy pillows turn brown, then Aron showed her how to layer them on graham crackers with a small chocolate bar. The heat from the marshmallows would melt the chocolate and make the combination into a warm gooey sandwich of celestial goodness.
“Oh. My. God,” she exclaimed when the flavors melted onto her tongue. “That’s the best thing in the whole world!” Seeing his playfully downcast look, she relented. “Except you, of course.” She ate two more before deeming it enough.
Catching him in an embrace, she cuddled him close. “Thank you Aron. I have never had this much fun in my whole life. I grew up in the city and never got a chance to do things like this. Later . . .” her voice trailed off, but she covered it up by letting her lips get preoccupied with kissing his. Aron’s own mind was so preoccupied with his coming declaration, he didn‘t even notice.
“I‘m glad you had fun, baby. I enjoy every second that I spend with you. There is nowhere else in the world I‘d rather be, nor anyone that I want to be with more.”
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Sable Hunter     

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