Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bastard/ Anne Ireland

The Bastard/anne Ireland Published by Leap of Faith and available at amazon as well as other outlets Enjoy the excerpt!


Even as a child Bethany knew that Jake was dangerous, but for her he would always have a fatal attraction.

Bethany will never forget the tragic day in the woods when the cousins first met the Bastard. None of them could guess at what terrible repercussions this meeting would have or how it would affect all their lives. Are they all destined to suffer for their childish folly – or will some of them find happiness at last?

Crippled and twisted in body and mind, Stephen carries a deep hatred of the bastard who caused his accident. He will take his revenge on all those who care for him, but it is Jake and Bethany he hates the most.

Michael loves Bethany and is prepared to use any means at his disposal to have her. Torn between two men, Bethany finds her solace in the care of children sent away from their homes because of the terrible war that pours havoc on the streets of England’s cities. Despite the pain they inflict, she remains loyal to those she cares for and can only watch helplessly as they bring about their own destruction. Can she find happiness for herself?



There are moments when my mind travels back to that warm summer day when I was just a child.  All at once I am torn by regret and remorse for what I have done and for what I did not do.  If I were a better person, none of it would have ever happened. Yet even if I had known what was to come, could I have prevented it? There were other forces at work that had stronger wills than mine; as a result, the momentum swept me up as if I were a leaf in a gale, and carried me along.
          No, that is the excuse of a weak woman begging for the blame to be lifted from her shoulders, for forgiveness.  I was never weak.  Even when we were children, it was always I who led and Michael who followed, despite the fact that he was older and stronger.
          But I have learned that there are different strengths —a strength of purpose, a strength of body and a strength of mind.
          As I stand now looking out of my window at gardens  that were once beautiful but have now fallen into neglect  I know that much of what happened herewas my fault.  The grief and pain that I feel cannot be avoided; they are mine and I accept them.  I must bear them until the day comes when I can forgive myself.
          By way of atonement I have decided to set it all down just as it happened, so that others can read the truth.  In doing so I may come to understand myself, and perhaps with understanding will come an easing of my grief.
          I pray that God will at least judge me mercifully.

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