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Between Life and Death

Between Life and Death
By Natalie-Nicole Bates

The subject of life after death has fascinated mankind for as long as he’s walked the earth. Modern religion varies on the topic. Some religions teach that a wondrous land of rest awaits us—if we’re good that is—or we are truly sorry of all the evil we caused during or life time. Other religions believe in reincarnation—we go on and on and hopefully learn all the lessons in life we are supposed to, and then we finally find eternal rest.

But what of those who live between life and death?

Years ago, I worked as a trauma technician for a major hospital. I spent a good deal of time with patients who had suffered traumatic brain injuries and were in various states of coma. Coma, by the way, is not like it’s portrayed on television. You don’t lie unconscious and wake up suddenly good as new again. There are various degrees of coma, but that isn’t important to this writing.

For patients in deep coma, I often wondered what they experienced. Were they dreaming, were they on another plane of existence, or were they simply there, but not there?

This thinking is what brought me to write Remember The Stars. I used the thought that perhaps while a person is in this state of coma they travel to another plane of existence. Depending on how you got there determines if it is, loosely put, heaven or hell.
In Remember The Stars, we meet Remy Moreland who through his own fault is languishing in a deep coma. When Leah Rhodes is literally dumped into his existence, he’s not sure if she’s like he is, or if the Fates are having fun with him at his expense.
But you’ll need to read Remember The Stars to fully understand this.

I hope you’ll give Remember The Stars a read and find out my spin on what happens between life and death.


For Leah Rhodes, life as she knows it has just changed forever.
Waking in a gutter in the dark surroundings of her distant past, a familiar man stands out in her confusion.

But Remy Moreland has been dead for years.

It soon becomes apparent to Leah that both she and Remy are trapped in a hell of their own making.

Can one night together not only lead to the way out, but to love as well?


     “Remy,” she said his name. Where did she know that name from? It wasn’t common. Think, Leah, think. Then it hit her—hard.
     She remembered exactly who Remy Moreland was.
     He was in the newspaper years earlier. Her mother had shown her a copy. Remy Moreland was involved in a fatal street race. His Porsche had been split in two, killing him and a young woman in another car.
     Remy Moreland was dead.
     But if he was dead, what was he doing here, alive, and with her?
     Sweat broke out on the back of her neck and her vision clouded. This was someone’s idea of an evil, evil joke. She had to get out. She had to find her way home.
     Standing, she grabbed the edge of the deck for support. “I have to get out of here,” she mumbled and stumbled her way around the desk.
     He grabbed her around the waist. “You can’t go back out there. It’s dangerous.”
     She sunk her open palms against his chest and struggled to get out of his grip. “Get off of me, you malevolent freak! You’re dead! You’ve been dead for years!” she blurted.
     Immediately, he let go and jumped back from her as if he had been stung.
     “What are you talking about? He demanded.
     She backed away, ready to make a run for the front door. But the confused mix of anger and disbelief in his contorted expression stopped her.
     How could he not know he was dead?
     “It was years ago, Remy. You had an accident. It was in the newspaper.”
    He tilted his head, his blue eyes huge.  “Do I look dead to you?”
     Well, he was pale, his blue eyes ethereal. She hesitated, and then spoke. “Now that you mention it…”
     “You bitch!” he snapped.
     The force of his voice caused her to flinch and she raised her fingers to her throbbing temples. All she wanted at that moment was to get out of this man’s sight and find her way home.
     “I’m not dead,” he stated ominously.
     “Okay, you’re not dead,” she conceded as she rubbed circles on her temples.
     He took a step closer. “As a matter of fact, right now I am languishing across town in a nursing home. I eat through a tube in my belly and piss into a catheter bag. I remain nothing but an emaciated, contorted version of the man I once was.”
     She closed her eyes. This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening. None of this was real.
     When she opened her eyes, he was in front of her, a macabre grin creasing his handsome features. He lifted a brow. “So, what did you do?”
     “Do? What are you talking about?”
    “To get here. You know my situation, so what’s yours?”
     He wasn’t making any sense. She turned away from him, left the office and began to walk the long hallway to the front door, but he followed her closely.
     “Let me guess,” he provoked.  “You look like a murder-suicide kind of girl. You’re not wearing a wedding ring, so I’m assuming you shot your boyfriend in the head and then offed yourself in some spectacular way—like jumping off a balcony and splattering on the ground. How could you have known you would wind up here?” he chuckled unpleasantly.
     She stopped cold. How could he say such a horrible thing? She turned back to him only to find him mere inches from her. “You’re horrible. You don’t even know me, but you’ve resorted to participating in some sort of evil joke on me. I just want to go home…or wake up.”
     “Your life as you know it is over, Leah.”
     “What are saying, Remy? That I’m dead?”
     “You’re not dead…not quite. This is limbo…purgatory…the first circle of Hell. The most wretched place on earth where you are sent to atone for your sins.”

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Chaotic Karma said...

Very interesting post, and I loved this story!

~Veronica Vasquez~

Jessica Adkins said...

Awesome post! Was very interesting to find out what the book was based on! Another great book by Natalie-Nicole Bates!

Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Thank you so much for the comments, I'm absolutely THRILLED you both love the story!