Monday, June 30, 2014

Meet Amii Sloane from Amii's Angel by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Sneak Preview of Amii’s Angel/Natalie-Nicole Bates

Hello Readers!

My name is Amii Sloane. I am the heroine of Amii’s Angel, the upcoming contemporary romance by author Natalie-Nicole Bates. Natalie-Nicole has offered me this opportunity to introduce myself, and tell you just a little bit of what you can expect from Amii’s Angel.

I am true-crime writer. Well, I was a true-crime writer. I wrote a very successful book about the serial killer August Murphy—a serial killer who fancied himself a vampire.  Then I sort of…lost myself. Have you ever had that happen? Nothing makes you happy any more? You’ve lost your passion for what you love to do?

Now I find myself living out of a sublet, and the renter is returning soon from Europe. I’m living off of savings, and doing research for other authors. Not to mention, I’m helping to support my mother, who is living in an assisted living facility, suffering from what the doctors call ‘Early Onset Dementia’.

So, I need to make decisions—quick.

I recently ran into a ghost from my past. His name is Ryan Maine. When I knew him a long time ago, he was a cut-throat lawyer who cross examined me during the trial of the man who murdered my sister.

I have hated Ryan Maine ever since.

Then, out of the blue, he hits on me at a party for a screenwriter friend of mine.

Can you believe that? He hits on me! Doesn’t remember me, obviously. So I tell him. You can imagine his shock!

So, you think it would end there, it doesn’t.

Ryan Maine wants me to work for him as a personal assistant, in a town called Unity, which is three hours from where I live. I figure he wants to brainwash me, and induct me into his cult of sycophants.
Ryan has a powerful bargaining chip—In addition to his legal consultancy business, he also writes for two highly successful television series. I tell you, some people are just born lucky, and Ryan Maine is one of them.

And I want his job.

So, I have a very difficult choice to make. Do I accept a job from a man I despise, uproot myself, and take a very wild chance something good may come from it? At this point, let me say I am not a believer in taking ‘wild chances’.  Or will I be forced to find a 9 to 5 job that I’ll probably hate, find another apartment that won’t be half as nice as the one I currently sublet, and risk the chance my mother will need to be moved to a State run assisted living facility if I can no longer afford the co-payments on the facility where she lives now?

I fear my choice is obvious.

To be continued…

Amii’s Angel by Natalie-Nicole Bates, will be available late 2014 from Books To Go Now Publishing.

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Vickie Milizia said...

Sounds great, I can't wait!! <3

Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Thank you, Vickie!!

sherry gladden said...

Sounds fantastic! When do we get to read it? Can't wait!!!

Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Thank you, Sherry! It should be released around Autumn time.

Yolanda G said...

Sounds like another winner Natalie-Nicole! ❤️

Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Thank you, Yolanda!!

joe hawk said...

Looks very goo you are a very awesome writer.

joe hawk said...

Looks very good cannot wait to read.

joe hawk said...

Looks good

Natalie-Nicole Bates said...

Thank you, Joe!