Sunday, June 22, 2014

Night Music is Live! :)

Happy Summer Solstice! 

I've long looked forward to Night Music being released as its own Ebook...and finally here it is!

I originally wrote this short story while staying at Letchworth State Park, the location this romantic paranormal novella takes place at.  I also spent my honeymoon there too! It IS as beautiful and magical as described in the book. If you are ever in the Western New York Area, stop in and at least drive through the park to see the 3 separate waterfalls, the magnificent stonework, and the historic Glen Iris Inn.

Yes, this novella is set in Letchworth State park, a REAL state Park in Western New York. All the locations in the novella are real and as described in the work, such as Caroline's Cottage, the Glen Iris Inn, The Chalet, Inspiration Point, the graveyard, the trout pond, and the majestic waterfalls. I wrote this mostly to try to get people interested in the park, as the stonework its famous for is slowly falling apart, and it could use more people supporting it. I lived in New York all my life and never even knew it was there until I got married, yet I always knew about Niagara Falls, and that bothered me.

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Blurb: Grieving Krys Markman has come to lose herself in family memories at Letchworth State Park, and try to figure out her next step. Yet the unearthly beautiful music she hears each night stirs her soul to romance. Can its creator, the attractive vampire David Helm, heal her broken heart?

Excerpt: Someone was playing music. Groggily, Krys opened her eyes, and sat up in bed. Though her head was pounding and her eyes felt like sandpaper, her senses were awash in that same unearthly music. Yet this was a subtly different tune, more longing, more hopeful somehow than the other had been. Odder, it came from no violin; this was some kind of piano, or electric keyboard.
It had to be David.
Suddenly struck with a plan, Krys grabbed her cell phone, turning it on.
The next evening, Krys was ready and in position when dark fell. Soon after the sun disappeared, David appeared, again walking up the road toward the forest. She hurried to intercept him.
“I heard you playing again last night,” she said, stepping in front of him.
He looked at her innocently. “I’m sure you’re mistaken—”
Krys clicked playback on her phone. The melodious tune broke the silent night, drifting on the night air.
“That’s not on any radio,” Krys said. “It’s too original, for one thing.” She clicked off the recording. “What I don’t understand is why someone so talented doesn’t want to take credit for his work. You wrote that, didn’t you?”
“What do you want from me?” David said pointedly, folding his arms across his chest. “Sheet music to sell, or my autograph?”
“Just the truth. Who are you?” Krys asked. “Are you a famous musician?”
“I was once,” David said sadly, letting out a breath. “I was a lot of things once. But I’m not anymore.”
There was so much loss in his dark blue eyes. Krys stared into them, riveted.

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