Friday, November 30, 2007

Linda Sole/ Romance, Saga, Crime

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First of all I would like to say congratulations to Regina for setting up this blog for us, and to the authors who have already posted here for their entertaining pieces. I think we have some talented authors with us and I look forward to reading their books.

I have been writing since 1979 and was first published in 1980. I have written for several publishers but my most successful books have been as Linda Sole and Anne Herries. Thsi week I am going to tell you about the books I have written as Linda Sole and another week I'll go on to a different psuedonymn and a different kind of book.

My first very successful book as Linda Sole was Lovers & Sinners which came out with Century and Arrow Books. This was a story set in the time just after WWII in a Cambridgeshire village. It is about a girl called Bettey Cantrel and tells of her growing up, how she became a parlour maid and then a famous nightclub singer. It deals with friendships, old loyalties and betrayal and has a very bitter, shocking ending. It sold many thousands of copies and was translated into several languages.

Since then I have written another twenty odd books under the Linda Sole name besides many others. I am now writing for Severn House and the books are published in hardback in both the UK and the USA. The latest published is JUSTICE IS SERVED/LINDASOLE/SEVERN HOUSE

This is the second in the Sarah Beaufort mystery series and has received good reviews in USA and UK. The third will be published next year and I shall be writing a fourth next spring.

I look forward to posting again another time. Best wishes, Linda

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