Thursday, August 28, 2008

Collecting Stuff

Do you collect stuff--stupid, useless stuff? Apparently, I do. Last Monday when I was writing about every day heroes, I came across this picture of PEZ heroes and the first thing I thought about was, how come I don't have those? I never even saw them. How could I have missed them? I have 2 boxes full of PEZ containers that I haven't even opened in 4 years--not that that stopped me from collecting more. It's always an excuse like, but these have fuzzy coats. When am I going to see an Elvis one again? And so on and so on and so on. I even know the best but hardest to find flavor of PEZ--Cola. Truth is, they all taste a little like chalk. They have peppermint, too but it's also hard to find.
What do you do with this stuff? It's not like there is a cool display case for them though, believe me, I've tried to come up with something. If I did display them, they would fill up all the walls in my study. There would be no room for books.
Speaking of books, I collected those, too. I finally realized that. with a few exceptions, I only read a novel once. Reference books are another matter. I believe one should have plenty of those--and I do--of course. I finally took a car load of novels to The Salvation Army and the Commonwealth Second Hand Book Store (a snooty bunch of people there, by the by who only want certain books. They turned down a complete set of Sherlock Holmes and a bunch of classics--but hey, no problem. I took them right back home.)
So any way, I just wondered if anyone else had this collecting thingy going on. Is there a cure? Meanwhile, I'm looking for a bigger box for these dang PEZ containers. With all the rain we've had maybe I could string them in bundles and use them as floats.
Have a great weekend.
Sarah McNeal

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