Monday, August 11, 2008

Every Day Heroes


Have you ever wondered what makes some people hang on in the face of great tragedy or adverse circumstances? I sure have. As much as I believe I have inner strength and a tenacity for life, I wonder if I could climb up out of the darkness and carry on in spite of everything the way that some amazing people do.

We see it more and more often now where soldiers, brutally wounded and maimed, bounce back overcoming their physical and emotional setbacks. Homeowners, suddenly finding themselves in foreclosure, who find the inner strength to start all over again. There are many others who rise above the debris of broken dreams to dare to try again.

Whatever it is that makes these people press on, it inspires the rest of us and gives us hope that we, too, like the Phoenix can rise up from the ashes. They challenge us to dream big and take action when what we really want to do is lay down and give up.

To my mind, they are heroes and I salute them. Look around. I believe there are heroes all around us.

Sarah McNeal

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