Friday, November 14, 2008

Books in Print

I have just checked the print proofs for Chateau Despair, Cassie's Sheikh and A Kind of Loving for Red Rose Publishing. When I sent these books to be published in ebook format I never expected that they would all go into print too. While it was very satisfying to see books I love go into ebook format and I do very much like the flexability of this format there is nothing like print copies you can hold in your hand. I hope to buying quite a few of these to pop in Christmas stockings for friends and relatives who would never read an ebook and therefore miss out on mine.

I have been working very hard on my lates saga recently and have now reached the first print out, which is the end of the first stage for me. I sent in a new Melford Dynasty to HMB a few weeks back and have signed a five book contract. I seem to get translations of my HMB books most weeks and this is a source of great pleasure for me. Writing is rewarding in itself but it is lovely to know that your books are being published worldwide!

I wanted to hint at a big competition on Red Rose Publishing's blog and a Christmas party on the group. I can't say anymore yet but this is just a taster. Love to you all, Linda

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