Monday, June 23, 2008

New submission...

I was introduced to gay romance by the place I review for. Prior to 2006, I had never read a gay romance, never even knew they existed. Well, what can I say, now I'm hooked! So much so that I decided to try my hand at writing a couple of them. I'm presently working on Doomed to Be Charmed, a paranormal gay romance, and I just finished and submitted to a publisher Homecoming a science fiction gay romance.

Homecoming came about because I wanted to just write something and finish it. I love writing longer novel lengths but sometimes as an author I just want to write and finish something for that feeling of accomplishment you get when you do finish a work no matter how big or small. That can be the beauty of non-fiction articles which I also write, but I wanted to do something fiction. Anyway, this idea popped into my head and the old "what if?" reared its head, and became, "What if a younger man left his lover to see the universe, but then realized that it wasn't what he really wanted? Would his lover who was older, accept him back into his life after five years or would he want revenge for the pain he was caused?" Anyway that's the premise of Homecoming which I really enjoyed writing. It took me about six hours total from rough draft to polished version, but I was very happy with it when it was completed.

I'll be posting here once I hear back from the publisher I submitted it to!

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