Monday, June 23, 2008


I just finished watching "When We Left Earth" on the Discovery channel. It was a great series that went from Kennedy's challenge to land a man on the moon in ten years to our plan to send a manned spacecraft to Mars. There have been so many challenges and hazards along the way that some critic have said it's just a waste of money.
I beg to differ.
The space program lifts us up out of our self-focused thoughts, away from disputes between countries and takes us up into the heavens with wonder and awe etched in the skies. It is euphoric to think that we have actually had a man on the moon and that we might some day set foot on the red planet. Humankind have always had wanderlust surging through our veins. We want to know what's out there. Just like Fox Mulner, we search for "the truth" that's out there.
But even if you could care less what is in the universe, you have to appreciate the achievements that have been accomplished. Without the efforts of the space program, there would be no cell phone service, no satellite TV, no GPS,; not even Velcro.
It fills me with excitement as I await the next adventure by man into space.
What about you? How do you feel about the space program? Are you like me, excited and enthused, or do you think it's a big waste of time and money.
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