Thursday, March 6, 2008

Best Sellers

Being in the best sellers in the Times newspaper usually means that you have sold a lot of books. I am not yet sure what it means when an ebook is in the best selling list at fictionwise. At the moment I have Cassie's Sheikh/Linda sole at number six in the Red Rose Publishing list at Fictionwise. It has been up to four. In the amira Press section at fictionwise A Shameful Secret was at number one and is now at number two. A shameful Secret went to number two at the Historical Fiction section at Fictionwise it was between Ken Follet and Bernard Cornwall. Now at number three it is between Ken Follet and Phillipa Gregory. These authors usually make up most of the top ten ebooks (historical fiction). So I should know what that means soon and whether or not ebooks sell in anywhere near the numbers that mainstream press would. It will be interesting. I do know of an author whose latest sales with one particular publisher is a healthy four figure sum and that is encouraging for ebook authors. I always like to hear of someone doing very well.

Anyway, A Kind of Loving/Linda Sole/Red Rose Publishing should be out soon. The Lord's Forced Bride is out at Harelquin Historicals this month. It was requested for review but I haven't seen the review yet. At the moment I am writing a big saga and really enjoying it.

I am putting up the cover of A Kind of Loving for you. Love to all, Linda

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