Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Newsletter and other Goodies...

I put out my February newsletter a few days late this last month, but I figure better late than never. LOL If you haven't already signed up for Regina's Universe, you might want to consider doing so now. I have posted two new chapters for Soul Memories, and added a new folder Free Short Stories. If you haven't yet read my holiday sequel Destiny's Holiday, then you can now find it there for your reading pleasure. There is also another short story called Alien Dreams which is a science fiction romance.

Alien Dreams is about a young woman who can travel astrally during dreaming and the alien she meets and falls for while doing so. I'm already getting some very good feedback on this one, so if you sign up and read it feel free to send me an e-mail at tiwatz@yahoo.com and let me know what you think of it or any of my other stories.

In addition if you enjoy Native American romance coupled with paranormal themes I now have eighteen chapters of my Native American reincarnation romance Soul Memories posted to the files section.

I've also created another piece of artwork that you can use as a desktop background, this one titled "Moon Priestess," and yes, she is levitating the pillars and herself! LOL You can check it out at the bottom of this post. Oh, and you can see a larger version in my Art Gallery on my website.

And...(yes there's more!) there is a new contest posted on my website for a pair of Native American beaded earrings created and designed by yours truly.

Feel free to check out my newsletter Regina's Universe and my website at your leisure. :-)

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