Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wearin' of the Green

Tomorrow is Saint Patrick's Day and, for those of Irish decent, it's a day of celebration and pride. There's the whirl of bagpipes, penny whistles, fiddles and drums. Nothing sounds better than a sweet, mournful Irish ballad sung by an Irish tenor. Although some of us aren't entirely Irish, we can still enjoy a cold green beer and wear a bit of green just the same. I wish you all a wonderful day tomorrow and hope you'll enjoy a parade and remember those of us who share a common thread: we weren't always Americans and we weren't always loved by those who came here before us but we found freedom here and a chance to change our lives. We made America our home.
Slan's beannachdl! (Health and a blessing!)
Sarah McNeal author of The Violin, The Dark Isle and Lake of Sorrows

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