Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Morning, Readers!

Have you missed me? I've missed you!

Last week I was making the long, laborious drive back to Florida after a wonderful three week break.

This week, I'm sitting in my first class of the new semester. Wish me luck! Today and Thursday are my long days, where I'm in class from 10am until 7pm, so my blogging will show up at different times, but you can make it a guessing game. It'll be fun.

So allow me to catch you up on things.

I was thrilled to learn that I have been nominated for Best Historical Author in the 2007 Rites Awards. And to make things every sweeter, Leading Her to Heaven is also nominated for Best Historical Novel.

The nominees are chosen by the reviewers, but the winners are chosen by you, my darlings. If you have a moment, stop by their Yahoo! Group and cast your vote. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RoRRChatters/polls
Have you forgotten that Leading Her to Heaven is available now in ebook through ARe? Well, not everyone has, apparently, since it was the #1 selling title for Tease Publishing in December. Don't cry in your soup, though, you can still go get your copy.

Waiting for the print version? No worries, you can have it in your hot little hands starting February 15th.

Stella showed me the wrap cover for Leading Her to Heaven's print version.

How made of awesome is that?

The publisher and I chatted, and they gave me the option of releasing the print of Leading Her to Heaven next month, and Svetkavista in March. Typically, Tease sends books to print three months after their electronic release, but Leading is doing so well that they gave me the option of sending it a month early. I decided to go for it. So, adjust your calendars, Leading is now coming out February 15, and Svetkavista March 15.

Happy New Year,

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