Sunday, January 6, 2008

Now The Winter Quiet

After the hoopla and excitement of the holidays has settled into the wintry quiet, many of us settle back with our cocoa--diet of course--and contemplate the mysteries of the year before us. Into the unknown we go.
For my part in the very near future is the release of my book,
THE VIOLIN which I hope will be this week. It isn't just another book for me. It's a book I wrote with heart and soul. It's a story of a man who died just as he stood on the threshold of his life. And it's about the love of a timid woman burdened with excess baggage who goes back in time to save him in spite of all the odds. THE VIOLIN is played out against the backdrop of the 1920s--an exciting time of change in American history and the spirit of its people.
As I wrote about John and Genevieve, I came to love them dearly as I hope you will, too.
So that's what's taking place in the near future for me. The rest of the year remains a mystery.
What about you? What's in coming year for you? You're welcome to go to the blog on my website at and leave a comment about your own hopes, dreams and dreads for the coming year.
All good things to you in the coming year. Sarah McNeal


Pat Cromwell said...
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Pat Cromwell said...

Oops -- hit the wrong button.

I just wanted to say that I have my fingers crossed that this is your week. I am really looking forward to reading The Violin.