Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Wait Is Over

By Pat Cromwell

In my last post I wrote about anxiously awaiting word on my third submission and all the anxiety I experience prior to and immediately following sending off a manuscript. For what seemed like months, but was actually weeks I obsessed over the submission. It didn't matter that I sent it during the holidays -- I was sure that the words written just wern't good enough (I am my own worse critic).

Well this morning - bright and early - I had my response.

Yeah! At 6am I was jumping for joy; my waiting was over and I was offered a contract for my 3rd book tentatively titled Flying. Needless to say I printed the signature page, signed it, scanned it, and emailed my response by 10 am.

Following is a really brief snippet of what it is about:

Vincent Rutland is complex. He is trying to come to grips with scars from his childhood, an over protective uncle, and to live up to his father's image of greatness. A turning point comes in his life when he initiates a meeting between himself and Eliot, a woman whom his father had a brief affair with, and is the mother of his half brother.

This meeting begins a chain of events that leads Vincent through a horrific journey that culminates with his acknowledging his demons and finally finding love and comfort in the arms of the one woman that he is able to find the unconditional love that he's craved all his life, Antoinette who is also Eliot's beloved friend.

While Vincent shares a bond and familiarity with Eliot, it is Antoinette who ultimately captures his heart and his soul. But will the events of the night he shared with Eliot doom the relationship to fail? And will Vincent be able to accept, understand, and forgive the secret that Antoinette is hiding -- a secret directly related to that night as well?

Now the fun begins: edits and re-writes. But at least, this time I have a fairly good ideal of what is expected of me and what I can expect to take place. Gosh, I suppose this means I have officially arrived and I can take myself from the status of “I dabble a bit with writing” to “I have several books under my belt”.

Needless to say I am really hyped. I have my fingers crossed that I get the same great editor that I had with Behind Blue Eyes – the lady has the patience of a saint. On my drive into work this morning I put together a story board in my mind’s eye for a YouTube video. I know the ingredients; I just have to make sure I mix them all properly.

In the coming weeks – particularly as the release draws near I’ll share more.

But for now…

Happy Reading!
Pat Cromwell
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