Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hearing from the readers

By Pat Cromwell

One of the things I like most about being a writer is hearing from people who have read my book, Behind Blue Eyes. One fan in particular has sent me several emails about my first published work. I love the way she expressed herself and the encouragement in her words. I especially love the fact that she understood the hero. Her kind words made my day!

Excerpt from Behind Blue Eyes
"His gaze slowly wandered from her doe-like eyes past her patrician nose, to her full, luscious lips. Her skin was the shade of café au lait and he imagined that it felt just as smooth and tasted just as sweet while still bold and strong. Just the way he liked it. Without conscious thought, his eyes perused her body and he saw in her something he had purposely denied seeing in the past. He saw a desirable woman; Seine had grown up.

Then she moistened her lips. It was an action so innocent and one he had seen her do on many occasions, but today it took on a completely new meaning. Curiosity gave way to an emotion that he had clamped down on years ago - need. A simple swipe of her lips with that perky little tongue and he knew he was lost. He wanted to characterize what he was feeling as nothing more than a reaction to a sexy girl, but he could not. Of the women he’d known, and there had been plenty, not one had ever affected him like that."

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Happy Reading!
Pat Cromwell
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