Sunday, February 3, 2008


Have you ever had a dream that haunted you? Maybe you knew it meant something you needed to know, something of great portent, but you couldn't figure it out. So you thought about it often and wondered if it was a sign sent from some other world. How disappointed would they be if you didn't get it?

I had been missing a pair of earrings that were very dear to me. My mother had died recently and I was frantic to find them. I had worn them the night she died. I was twenty-seven years old and not ready to take on the world without my mother in it. I felt that, if I could find them, I could find a little piece of her spirit somehow and that might bring me peace.

A few months after her funeral I had a dream. She came to me there in that place between the living and the dead when all our defenses are down and the channels are open. She whispered to me. "You'll find your earrings in your coat pocket. That's where you put them the last time I saw you."

The following morning I felt stupid to believe that dreams come true or that spirits might find a way to speak with us in our sleep. None-the-less, I looked in my coat pocket--and there they were. I had worn that coat the night she died and found it too painful to ever wear it again.

Maybe it was just a subconscious wish, but I believe it was, in deed my mother, trying to speak to me across the vale to bring me serenity and help me let goe.

In THE VIOLIN, Genevieve has dreams that seem to come true. They will not let her rest. She dreams of John, a man who drownd in two foot of water over seventy-five years ago. Her dreams lead her to the violin and the violin leads her back in time to John. What do her dreams mean? Is there something she's supposed to do? Can she change history?

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All good things to your corner of the universe,
Sarah McNeal

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The Author said...

I've had this experience several times in my life, and I agree with you that those who have passed on communicate with us through dreams. It's actually more common than people think. Thanks so much for sharing your experience! Hugs!