Friday, February 8, 2008

Mills & Boon 100th Birthday Party

The cover art is the copyright of Harlequin Mills & Boon. This is the picture of my regency published in December 2007

Hi everyone. Yesterday, wearing my Anne Herries hat, I went to the Mills & Boon 100th birthday party. this wonderful romance publisher is, with Harlequin, the largest and probably the most successful publisher of romance worldwide. They were started all those years ago by a Mr Mills who was then joined by Mr Boon and their first book happened to be a romance. Over the years they have grown into a household name and given pleasure to millions of people worldwide.

Last night they threw a wonderful party for authors, editors and people who were associated with them in some way. Torches flared at the door and pink flamingoes on stilts walked about waving feathers at the arriving guests. Held in the Wallace Collection in Manchester Square it was a glittering occasion with plenty of champagne and cocktails - also speeches from a celebrity and members of the M&B hierachy. However, because of the crush it wasn't easy to hear anyone speaking.

I think it acheived their aim, which was to bring publicity for the publisher. They thanked the authors, because, as they said, they couldn't do it without us. I hope the next hundred years will be as good for them, though I shall not be around to see it!

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