Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Dreams Come True is now available

By Pat Cromwell

When Dreams Come True is an upbeat romantic story. Not a lot of angst and turmoil, but a delicious fun journey with two people who are fated for one another. What a ride. The hero, Kenneth Ingram, must to have been a very good boy because his dreams certainly came true. He meets Chris and she slides into his very being like a runner to the finish line. She instantly becomes everything to him, his heart, his soul, his sweet inspiration, his dream come true.

He wants forever. But Chris is jaded – she’s given up on fairy tales and happily ever after. So he has to convince her to trust him, love him, and believe again and let dreams back into her life. He’s not worried that he will accomplish this and the challenge she presents is no hardship for this guy. Follow their journey as Kenneth enlightens his lady love that ... When Dreams Come True, nothing is left of yesterday's pain.

A couple paragraphs in a post is not enough to tell you about this guy and what he does to get his woman ... so check out the video as a prelude to the book and see in living color the recipe he cooks up to serve the lady he's determine to make his main dish - forever!

The video touches on Kenneth's determination for happy ever after with the girl of his dreams -- the book is his expose of how he does it -- I merely took dictation.

And boy does this guy do it right! At the end of the day the lady in question, Chris, is dreaming of wedding bells, honeymooning in Fiji and baby booties! But she’s jaded and the battle between her head versus her heart (and those raging hormones) is in full force. To borrow a phrase from Macy Gray ... she's dreaming and feening, when she tries to walk away … well you know the tune. But he's not worried and he's definitely up for the task. After all, when dreams come true, the bumps in the road are worth it.

Excerpt (just enough to further wet you appetite):
“I think…this is about sex," she said nonchalantly. However, as she gripped the phone she indulged herself with a fantasy that maybe it wasn’t just lust. Could it be love?

"Perhaps it’s all about sex for you, but definitely not for me." The conviction in his voice was unmistakable. “I’ll work overtime to make sure you understand what it really is. You’ll see, honey, and when you least expect it, the realization will bite you in the ass the way it did me. But don’t worry, Chris, I’ll kiss it and make it better.”

You can read his story by visiting Red Rose Publishing and picking up a copy today.

As always … Happy Reading!

Pat Cromwell
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