Friday, February 1, 2008

A Shameful Secret

I missed last week. I apologise. My excuse is that I had a big promotion day on, which is no excuse. I thought about it, had to go out and then got caught up in the excitement when I got back. Anyway, I am here this week.

My new book with Amira Press should be out later today. I love the cover, which I have put up for you. A Shameful Secret is a Regency. Hester has shamed her family and her father decreed that she should never be forgiven. She has remained in the country, never going anywhere for some years as a punishment, but now things look as if they may change.

Next week is going to be busy for me. I am going to the RNA Awards lunch on Monday and on thursday to the 100th birthday party for Mills and Boon in London. It should be fun to see everyone and I am looking forward to it

Two days ago I started a new group. It is to link with the Red Roses For Authors/Reviews. I review romance books at RRFP together with some friends and now we have a group to support that, which will make it easier when we do awards because people will be able to vote more easily. We already have several members but I am hoping the group will grow and I welcome new members so please come and join us at

We shall be pleased to see you there, and if you are an author you can promote yourself and send excerpts as much as you like.

My latest book with Severn House - Love Is Not Enough/Linda Sole has been bought for audio, which is very exciting. The extra money is nice and it is good to reach another audience. I don't know if I've told you on here but I have revamped my website - at least my whizzkid did it for me. Pop over and take a look if you wish. I have two other blogs which can be reached through the website. I think that is all my news for now. Love from Linda

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