Monday, May 19, 2008

Message In A Bottle

I seem to be on a communication kick lately but I've been wondering about messages in bottles.

Have you ever put a message in a bottle? I've seen it in movies where marooned people put a message in a bottle hoping that someone, somewhere will come to find them and save them. Putting a message in a bottle could also be like sending a message out into the great unknown of the universe. Maybe it could be a wish or a hope of being saved in some spiritual way or hoping to find our one true love. It could be like a prayer or a question sent out with the desire for an answer.

Does the bottle have to be in the ocean? Couldn't it be sitting in the sun there on the kitchen windowsill? Couldn't we write little notes and put them in the bottle, a wish that the world could be at peace, that someone we know could be in good health, or write a message to someone who now resides on the other side?

I have a cobalt blue bottle in my kitchen window. I write notes, prayers and wishes for all the things I can't do anything about and I roll them up and put them in the bottle for the sun to shine on and the universal power to answer or handle. It brings me peace to release these thoughts, questions or wishes.

What about you? If you could write a message that would transcend time, place and dimension, what would you write? Have you ever found a message in a bottle? How did it make you feel?

Sarah McNeal

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