Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

To all mother's, daughters and sons all over the world, I wish you joy and love.

For myself, I just wish to get through it. I don't know why I miss Mom more on Mother's Day than other other holiday. I was twenty-seven when she died after years of intermittent illness. I had no idea that one day she would go into the hospital and never come home again.

It used to annoy me when she would introduce me as her "baby". I was her youngest daughter and, I admit, she doted on me. It would feel very good to me now to hear her call me her baby.

Most of the year I am happy and serene but this one day makes my heart ache and I feel hollow inside. I'm glad I'm going to work today. I have 12 hours to think about other things and draw my thoughts away from the gnawing lonesomeness that Mother's Day brings me.

To all of you I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your mothers or being cherished yourself with gifts, special dinners or breakfast in bed surrounded by those who love you and are loved by you.

Happy Mother's Day Charlene Hilda McNeal. I love you.

Sarah McNeal

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