Sunday, May 11, 2008

Writing and other stuff...

Well I'm happy to say I've been writing like crazy this weekend. I love to write fiction! However, like most authors who sometimes have to do other things in addition to their writing finding the time for it can be difficult. I finally decided that I was never going to have huge swatches of time to write and even when I did, it was still hard sometimes because well the muse doesn't always stay with us. Sometimes even when you want to write you feel as though you can't, or your internal editor takes over telling you that everything you are writing is crap!

Since I've decided there are never going to be grand swatches of time to write and that if I wait for those grand swatches of time I won't get anything written, that then freed me up to write. Weird huh? Yeah, I know I've been telling myself the same thing, "think about how much more you could have written if you'd just taken this attitude before." LOL Oh, well better late than never I guess.

Nike was onto something with that nifty saying, "Just Do It!"

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