Monday, May 26, 2008

Speaking to the Dead

I know, weird subject, but I see so much about speaking to the dead lately on television. There are those who claim to actually do it and then there is fiction like The Ghost Whisperer. There is all about hauntings on the Discovery channel. After watching John Edwards (I think that's his name. I might be thinking of the senator though) and the woman with the skunk hair-do, it really got me to wondering about speaking to the dead.

Do you think it's possible to connect with those from the other side? Do they hear us? Do they have something they meant to tell us but didn't get a chance to do it? God, I hope so. In my latest release, THE VIOLIN, Genevieve is haunted by dreams of a man who died back in 1927. Wouldn't it be wonderful if those we loved could speak to us in our dreams? I did dream about my mother a year after she died and she told me where a missing pair of earrings were. Granted, it could have been that my subconscious knew where those darn earrings were and it just came up in a dream when my subconscious was free floating in my mind. But I like that the information was presented by someone I loved. The earrings were in the pocket of a coat I had not worn since the night my mother died. Still, I hope it really was her speaking to me in a dream.

What a wonderful feeling to know that they were only separated from us by some thin, mysterious Vail. Perhaps they know what we are going through. Just maybe, they can whisper to us words of encouragement and guidance. Maybe this kind of soft communication is what we call "a hunch".

Personally, I hope that all of this is true. I would love to hear from my parents, my niece, Christy, and my Uncle John. It wold be so wonderful to ask them questions about their lives on the other side and tell them how much I love and miss them.

If you could speak to the dead, who would you want to communicate with? What would you say?

Wishing you all good things to your corner of the universe. Happy Memorial Day.

Sarah J. McNeal

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