Sunday, May 4, 2008


When was the last time you called a business and talked to a real person first thing off the bat? Most of the time, we call a business because we need to ask a qustion or we need something done and we sure would like an answer or a service quickly. When the power goes out and the heat is off in the dead of winter it is rather annoying to go through the list of options just to get to another list of options. There's often a time limit to get through the options before the system just kicks you off. If you ever do get to speak to a real person, you feel like you are saved--unless they transfer you to "our helpful automated system." How do the elderly or hearing impaired ever deal with the automated system?
Have you ever left home without your cell phone---on purpose? I don't know about you, but I have an uneasy feeling if I discover, half way to my destination, that my cell phone is at home. It feels like I didn't lock the doors to my car while driving through a bad part of town.
There is phone wierdness out there, too. I stood in line in a discount store and watched as a young woman held a cell phone to her ear the entire time even though there was no one on it. From time to time she would look at the blank screen, fiddle with a button or two than put it right back to her ear as if she was embarrassed that she was in the world without talking to someone on the cell phone. Talking to real people around her might have sent her sanity or dignity over the edge.
Have you ever tried talking to a person who is talking to a person on their cell phone? It happens to me all the time at work. I could be telling someone how to get their blood pressure down while they are laughing on the phone with Aunt Lulu. Even doctors have a hard time getting through to people who would rather talk on the cell phone to someone than find out the results of their tests.
I can get a better deal having a cell phone than having a regular phone in my house. I can call my sister in Minnesota without the bill going out of the roof. But most of the time, my cell phone is just that thing I carry around for emergencies and forget to turn on most of the time. I enjoy talking to people around me--even in a line at a discount store.
Sarah McNeal
Author of
THE VIOLIN Amira Press
THE DARK ISLE New Concepts Publishing
LAKE OF SORROWS New Concepts Publishing

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