Sunday, December 9, 2007

Book Buying, Christmas Faux Pas and GLB - Nikki Watson

I committed the big Christmas faux pas this week. Imagine, you're in a second hand book shop. Two of the novels by one of your favored authors are just sitting there on the shelf. What else could you do but just pick them up?

Imagine then, coming back home to your beau sitting on his computer. You pull out these books by Jacqueline Carey, and prance around a little because everything is merry and you can now start reading them at your leisure. Except, your beau is looking at you strangely. And when you ask 'What?' he says:

'You know how I stop buying stuff for myself before Christmas just in case you get the same stuff for me?'

*grins* Tis a crazy time of year. Obviously this is a big book buying season, which I suppose is good for all the lovely ladies of this group, and beyond.

There is a happy ending to this story, however. He had only given the money for someone else to order these books for him off Amazon. Money which was just as easily gotten back the next day with no harm done to my coming Christmas presents.

So I get to talk about why I love the Kushiel series so badly. See, here is a lady who knows how to, at times, write about same sex couplings, giving it no more emphasis than it deserves. I've seen it be a big issue with writers. GLB (gay, lesbian, bisexual) stories are still relatively new, next to their heterosexual cousins, and thus there must be something big that we are missing!

When Carey's main character talks about her previous female partners, it is with fondness and grace, or not, with regard towards the actions those characters have made, rather than their gender. It makes me happy to be able to see that they are remembered by her no differently than her previous male partners.

I happen to like reading same sex couples. I happen to like writing same sex couples, whether it be male/male, female/female, or any combination consisting of larger numbers of characters. As a matter of fact, there is something to that effect that I am working on currently, so if you're lucky, there may be an early excerpt from it posted next week. :D

So lastly, I say not, 'Let's see more of these same sex pairings published!' but rather, 'Let's see more of this done well!'

Nikki Watson
Dark Fantasy and Romance Writer

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