Friday, December 14, 2007

Hi again!

This lovely cover, which looks just like an old photo of my husband's grandmother outside her house is the copyright of Severn House.

I am pleased to say that I have remembered today is Friday and Friday is my day to blog here. Regrettably, I forgot last week and I am sorry about that. Sometimes the work just piles up on top of me and I do forget the days, let alone what I am supposed to be doing!

Today I want to tell you about the book from Severn House coming out in January 2008. It is called Love Is Not Enough and is an Anne Herries saga. It takes place just before the first world war and tells the story of sisters and the man they both love. Marianne is engaged to him but jilts him in a fit of temper. Troy is not the kind of man to come crawling back, and even though Marianne later tries to make up their quarrel he is not interested. Instead he turns his attention to Sarah, Marianne's younger sister, who has always loved him. However, Sarah's father is afraid of scandal and refuses to listen to them. Now the war intervenes and Sarah is swept up in a drama that will bring both pain and lasting hurt. Is she strong enough to overcome what for many would be an overwhelming obstacle?

This story is the first of a trilogy and the second book is already written and has just been sent into the publisher. I now have to write the second book in a Regency trilogy for HMB. I also have some edits coming up and Christmas is nearly here, though I am happy to say that I have done all my presents. I like to be well ahead so that I can settle down and enjoy the festive season.

I want to congratulate my fellow authors on their blogs. I find them interesting to read and I hope others will too. Next week I will tell you about one of my ebook publishers - unless I do something about Christmas. It is nearly here and I love the excitement and the way everyone wishes each other A Happy Christmas. Maybe I'll do something different next week!

If anyone would like to read a Christmas Robin there is a lovely Regency tale on UK Historical romance. I shall be writing the last part nearer Christmas. Best wishes to you all, Linda

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Marly Mathews said...

Love is Not Enough sounds like such a fantastic book! The Great War Era has always fascinated me.