Monday, December 17, 2007

Holiday Goodies Galore...

I love the holidays! Mainly because I get a real kick out of coming up with presents for people, there is just something about giving that is way cool. Just last night I posted a holiday novella to my newsletter group called Illara's First Christmas. This is the holiday sequel for my science fiction romance Getting Out Alive. So, that means anyone who signs up for my newsletter Regina's Universe can get a copy. It's only going to be there until January 2, 2008, but I figure a few weeks should be enough time for everyone to who is signed up or for those who want to sign up to get their copy.

Illara's First Christmas can be read by itself, but you will understand the worlds and what is happening much better if you read Getting Out Alive first.

Here's a blurb for Getting Out Alive:

Getting Out Alive is a mystical journey of one woman’s yearning for absolution, written in a style to rival one of the greatest paranormal writers of our time, Dean Koontz.-Beverly R. Jones, Author of All Things Sacred

Secrets...everyone has them, but Angel Whitedove alien abductee and researcher is about to discover one she hadn’t bargained for involving her missing father, and the special work she does.

Darek of Laren has one mission: retrieve the outlaw Laaen and return him to his home planet for trial. Only he doesn’t find Laaen as expected, but Laaen’s daughter Angel, and an ancient evil the people of Laren thought had long since gone extinct.

Forbidden love, danger, and an eons old conspiracy follow these two as they race to save themselves, humanity, and their worlds.

Blurb for Illara's First Christmas:

A continuation of the story told in Getting Out Alive. Angel Whitedove decides that the child Illara needs something to help bring her out of her self-enforced silence, and she has just the thing to do it. In order to help the child, and to keep her own spirits up she introduces Christmas and all that it entails to the Larindons. However, there is the added threat of discovery by the Greys who have control of the planet below. Will the ship stay hidden, or will their enemy find them and ruin Angel and the Larindon's holiday?

To purchase a copy of Getting Out Alive you can go here.

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Happy Holidays!

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