Saturday, December 15, 2007

Reading +Chai + Excerpt = Must be the Christmas Season!

I had the most lovely beginning to the weekend last night, leading into this morning. Lounging around at a friend's house is definitely something to pleasurable. Lounging around with books and Chai tea is awesome. The promise of pancakes cooked for me this morning was awesome beyond words!

My book pile now extends to half a dozen books that I am part the way through, though I know the ones I'll put on the back burner are the ones that are already mine. So far, I must say, I am really enjoying the summer here in Australia. It always means I get more reading done.

As promised from last week, I have a short excerpt from my current untitled work that I would like to share with you. Though I see I am not the first to put some pretty m/m fiction up on the blog. *smiles*


‘You really shouldn’t stare like that,’ Shaun murmured. He hid behind another sip of scotch, not sure that he really wanted to assert himself over this.

‘What?’ Adrian’s voice was deep. There was a half smile on his face, though Shaun couldn’t tell if it was friendly or mocking. Adrian’s half closed eyelids hid half of the expression from there. ‘Does it bother you?’

Shaun would have said no, but that would have negated the objection. Instead, he wasn’t quite sure what to say. The alcohol in his system was making his thoughts run slower. ‘I’m not—’ he started.

‘Wouldn’t bother me if you were.’

Whatever Shaun had been about to say, Adrian finished it for him, before smoothly crossing to Shaun’s side again. Shaun realized with a start that Adrian was talking about the idea of Shaun being gay not bothering him. His heartbeat sped up at Adrian’s close proximity, but before Shaun could speak again, Adrian’s sonorous voice drew him in.

‘Your hair really will look good when it’s long enough to tie back.’

Shaun carefully didn’t move, either towards Adrian, or away, too conscious that either one could insinuate more than he was meaning. He said the first thing that came to his head. ‘I find women attractive.’

'So do I,’ Adrian answered.

That confused Shaun. ‘Then why…?’

Adrian looked down at Shaun. His gaze trailed down past Shaun’s eyes, his high cheekbones, straight nose and full lips, which parted as soon as Adrian’s gaze landed on them. Adrian imagined himself kissing those lips, and found himself very well pleasured by the idea. ‘Why not have both?’ he asked in a low, teasing tone. His eyes rose again back to Shaun’s, and he said, ‘I’m greedy.’

Shaun swallowed, feeling the tightness there, but more worrying, the tightness that had started lower down in his body. There was no mistaking Adrian’s meaning now. He felt thoroughly strapped for words.

‘Um…’ He swallowed again, and now there was no mistaking the smile on Adrian’s lips. If there was mockery there, it was directed at Shaun, except now, the smile on the older boy’s face seemed more… tender.

Adrian stepped away, and Shaun immediately felt a sense of loss that he couldn’t have begun to put into words. The heaviness of the exhaled breath he took told him how long he’d been holding onto his breath with Adrian so close.

‘I have other DVDs we can watch, now that the television is no longer so accommodating.’

Shaun had no idea how Adrian went back to ordinary world again so quickly. He could still feel his heart pounding in his chest in a way that Jacinta or none of the girls Adrian had pushed him towards had caused. Adrian seemed, as ever, cool and unaffected by the world going on around him. Shaun wished he knew his secret.

Now, however, Adrian was looking at him expectantly. On the television behind him, Basic Instinct had changed to the six o’clock news, and Shaun had to make some approximation of acting normal, since that was apparently the game for now.

‘Sure. I can choose something.’ He turned towards the bookshelf against the wall and moved closer so that he would be able to read the titles.

Adrian watched the younger boy with fondness Shaun didn’t see as he fingered slowly through the few shelves of DVDs on offer. Shaun wasn’t the only one with a slight bulge in his pants, though Adrian hid it better.

In his estimation, the afternoon had gone quite well.

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