Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Laziness

Three days till Christmas over here, and it is my opinion that Melbourne is trying to make us feel like our weather is in fitting with that of the rest of this world for the holidays. Raining, like heavy rain, for the last three days. It's alright though. We definitely need it.

I believe that I have succumbed to the pre-Christmas laziness right here. My shopping was well done earlier this month, so while the Significant Other is currently out in the city (getting wet right now, I'd assume), running around to get his presents, I am sitting here on my computer composing this post to write to you.

Unfortunately, my laziness has also extended to my writing. Although I know I have many things I could be writing, I've been continuing on my trend to do more reading than writing. It's getting close to the New Year as well, however, and with the new year, I'm sure will come more inspiration in me to write and then to write about it. *grins*

Merry Christmas, all, whatever your plans for the day and whatever joy you gain from the holiday.

Nikki Watson.

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